Happy Dog Dog Food

The Happy Dog dog food brand believes dogs should eat the same nutritious food humans eat or at least should eat. This is why their motto is that they make food for dogs, not dog food. 

All of the ingredients Happy Dog uses in their dog food are human-grade. What are human-grade ingredients? They are ingredients a human can eat. 

Ingredients in the brand Happy Dog are never hidden. The brand is completely transparent in everything it put into its pet food. 

All dog owners have to do with the mix they receive is add meat. Any kind of meat will do:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Salmon
  • Plant-Based

The meat can be ground, chopped, raw, or cooked. Yes, this means you can even add ground beef if you believe your pet will enjoy that. 

This is why Happy Dog dog food is one of the most popular fresh and raw dog food brands online and has been for years. They offer their customers and their furry friend’s variety.

Benefits of the Brand

When you decide to feed your adult dogs Happy Dog dog food, you are deciding to feed them vet-recommended quality food for a healthier happier dog that can live for many years. 

Other benefits of the product are:

✔️ Healthy Vision

✔️ Healthy Skin

✔️ Improved Digestion

✔️ Strong Bones

✔️ Healthy Weight 

✔️ Heart Health

✔️ Muscle Strength

happy dog food

Vets recommend the Happy Dog dog food because they believe in the ingredients and variety of them in the recipes. You won’t find any fillers, artificial flavors, or any unhealthy additions for taste. They use naturally sweet ingredients such as sweet potato to make their recipes taste good. Read more about Happy Dogs’ raw dog food by clicking the link below.

How to Buy the Dog Food

Buying Happy Dog food brand is as easy as visiting their website and selecting the variety of food you would like to feed your furry friends. Each order is enough for a month’s worth of food and you get free shipping.

Their Bottomless Bowl subscription service helps people stay on top of their dog’s diet by sending pre-selected products each month.

Is Happy Dog a Good Dog Food?

Is Happy Dog a good dog food? Yes, absolutely. Vets recommend Happy Dog dog food for puppies because it is a complete, balanced diet for all age dogs, including adult dogs and senior dogs. People who would like to add more nutrition to their food can purchase supplements.

Happy Dog has come up with the perfect recipe for your furry friends so take advantage of it.

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