Pros and Cons of Ollie Dog Food

When considering a new dog food for your pup, it’s always a good idea to do research on it. This page will help you make a decision because it reviews the pros and cons of Ollie dog food.

About Ollie Fresh Dog Food

Ollie fresh dog food is a food delivery service. The company teamed up with canine veterinary nutritionists to develop cooking methods and personalized formulas that make it possible to feed dogs the very best food for their health.

Ollie fresh dog food has received a lot of media attention over the last couple of years, particularly for its explosion into the pet food market with fresh dog food. FORTUNE magazine compared its business model to Blue Apron but for dogs.

The pet food Ollie produces is human grade. Yes, so humans can eat it…but most of us would not want to just because the flavor is more of what a dog would enjoy.

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How Does Ollie Dog Food Work

The company works with dog owners to understand their dog’s needs. Dog owners tell the Ollie team their dog’s:

  • Dog’s Size
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Breed
  • Allergies

The Ollie team then customizes your dog’s diet based on the profile they created. The meals are then shipped and delivered fresh. Yes, it is like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, etc. for humans.

There are four meal plans dog owners can choose from:

  1. Beef
  2. Chicken
  3. Turkey
  4. Lamb

Ollie food arrives in small batches in frozen blocks inside of a box with dry ice. Ollie sends a container for food storage with the package. Simply defrost and feed.

The Pros of Ollie Dog Food

It’s obvious the biggest pro of Ollie pet food is that a pet’s diet is comprised of fresh food.

Fresh dog food has a high nutritional value.

What else you should know is that meat is always the first ingredient.

Organ meats (like turkey liver) are used for more protein boosting recipes’ protein content up to 44%.

The chicken is hormone free.

Ollie’s recipes use high-quality beef and turkey.

Human-grade ingredients – safe for human consumption.

Meat is derived from the United States.

The lamb used in some of Ollie’s recipes comes from free-range farms in the United States and Australia.

Vegetables like sweet potatoes are freshly chopped and smaller vegetables are whole.

Ollie food has no artificial flavors.

No preservatives.

No by-products.

No fillers (soy, corn, or wheat).

Ollie’s high-quality food also uses superfoods like cod liver oil and chia seeds to add essential vitamins and minerals.

From Ollie dog food reviews, many pet owners report shinier coats, fewer allergies, more energy, and overall better health.

Better digestion and many Ollie dog food reviewers mentioned better smelling poop.

The delivered meal plan is portioned for your dog for easier weight management. It’s like Jenny Craig for dogs.

Improved activity level.

Reduced food allergies.

Suited for small dogs or giant dogs.

Ollie fresh dog food is delivered in small batches that can be stored in the freezer. A container is included in the box for storage convenience after defrosting the food.

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Cons of Ollie Dog Food

It’s expensive. You get what you pay for with Ollie pet food. Yes, Ollie fresh dog food is better and better for your pup, but it’s definitely more expensive than other types of dog food brands for your dog’s meal.

You can expect to pay about $3.50 per day for a small dog – 10 pound dog. A giant breed dog could cost as much as $11 per day.

Feeding fresh food means going to the fridge, taking the food out, and feeding it to your pup vs. just filling a bowl with kibble. While this may take a small amount of extra time and effort, it’s not usually something pet parents believe is a huge deal breaker.

The food doesn’t travel well unless you keep it frozen in a cooler.

It can be a bit messier than kibble. If kibble gets on the floor, you just pick it up. Fresh food needs to be wiped/cleaned up. This could be an issue if your dog takes food to the carpet.

For those looking for raw dog food, Ollie is not it. All dog food is gently cooked with human-grade ingredients.

Most pet parents do not see Ollie as a long-term dog food delivery service, even though it can be if there is a budget for it.

There have been some claims of ollie dog food diarrhea. Unfortunately, this may be more due to the switching of food than Ollie’s dog food. It’s important to slowly switch a dog’s food when changing brands or even when switching from puppy food to adult food. 

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Considering the Pros and Cons of Ollie Dog Food

Now that you know the pros and cons of Ollie dog food, you’re either convinced you want to at least try it or you’re turned off from it. What we suggest is giving it a try to know if it’s the right food for your dog. Dog owners get 50% off the cost of the first box, and that makes it worth the try. You can then see if your dog likes it and the unique benefits of Ollie’s fresh dog food for your pup.

Keep in mind that you will have to transition your dog to fresh food in increments to not upset the stomach.

All in all Ollie dog food is good fresh food no matter a dog’s age. It promotes higher activity levels, proper weight management, and overall health for a longer, happier life. It’s a good option for all pet parents who want their pet’s diet jam-packed with nutritional value.

You can buy Ollie’s dog food on its website.

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Is Ollie Dog Food Good for Puppies?

Ollie has custom recipes that are good for all ages, including puppies. The company’s recipes meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutrient Profile for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. So, to answer your question: is ollie dog food good for puppies? Yes, Ollie has a puppy food formula.

All of the pros and cons of Ollie dog food mentioned above apply to puppies.

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