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Funny Christmas Dog Toys for 2022


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The holiday season is among us and our fur babies need gifts just like all of our loved ones. While there are plenty of plush dog toys that you can purchase that may make your pup happy, there’s nothing quite like finding funny Christmas dog toys. That’s when the entertainment spreads over from dog to dog owner.

Dog Ownership Guide has scoured Amazon for the best Christmas dog toys for 2022. The best thing about Amazon is that they have two-day shipping, so even though there are only a few weeks left, there’s plenty of time to still buy your pup a funny yet charming Christmas dog toy.

As you browse through our picks for funny Christmas dog toys for 2022, keep in mind these seasonal toys aren’t always available. You will need to act quickly if you want one of the new toys, as they may not be around next year or even after Christmas 2022.

The Best Funny Christmas Dog Toys

Head D.O.G. had an insane amount of fun picking the following toys for the furry good boy or girl in your home. It was much like playing Santa – who has the best job in the world. Now, let’s get to it.


Starbarks Puppermint Mocha Coffee Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

starbucks puppermint mocha christmas dog toy Oh yes! Anyone who loves Starbuck’s Peppermint Mocha Coffee or hot chocolate will love to see their pup walking around enjoying the same “treat”. The plush toy squeaks adding even more fun.

This toy is best for small dogs, medium dogs, and big dogs ONLY if they are not aggressive chewers – unless you’re okay with having it completely demolished in .2 seconds.



Plush Reindeer with Removable Squeaky Tennis Ball

plush dog toy with squeaky ball This is a fun interactive toy for your pooch. The plush toy measures 9.5 inches and it has a removable ball in the middle that squeaks. It’s like two toys in one.

This toy isn’t for the most aggressive chewers out there but it does have long-lasting playing potential. It can take some dogs a few hours to realize they can remove the ball and that may only come after ripping the plush part of the toy, and then the surprise of having ANOTHER toy to enjoy can be quite gratifying to your pup.



Latex Squeaky Pig Dog Toy with Santa Hat

santa squeaky dog toy pigs This is a 2 pack of pigs wearing a Santa’s hat. Not only are they cute, but the oink sound they make makes some dogs go crazy.

One of the D.O.G. Gang (Barley) absolutely can’t stand the oink sound. He will do anything to take it and hide it somewhere, which is hilarious. It’s also why this had to make the list for funny dog toys.

The inside of the pig is soft with plush. Some manufacturers make the inside hollow inside. Plush would likely be better as far as making it last for heavy chewers.



Celebrate Christmas with Champagne Dog Toy

christmas champagne dog toy Why should dog owners be the only ones enjoying some spirits during the holidays? Your pup can join in with this Champagne or Wine bottle dog toy.

Dog owners of heavy chewers – here is the toy for you. All you need is an empty water bottle to put inside the toy. When that water bottle is no longer intact, simply replace it.

The outside is made of cloth, which is very hard to rip apart since it’s so snug around the bottle.

This chew toy is not great for small dogs as it is a bit too long and wide for their tiny mouth. Medium and big dog owners – it’s just the right size.



Christmas Stuffing Free Dog Toys

stuffing free christmas dog toys Give your fur baby the joy of Santa with his friends the Snowman and the Reindeer with this pack of three stuffing-free toys.

Each one of these squealy plush dog toys measures about 15″ long. The best thing about them is that they are great for all size dogs and they make no mess since there is no filling inside of them.

The squeakers may get punctured quickly with dogs who are aggressive chewers, but you can always replace those squeakers to keep the good times rolling.



Reindeer Dog Treat Dispensing Puzzle Dog Toy

treat dispensing reindeer This toy is so many toys in one:

  • It’s a dog toy that makes noise – ZOOM!
  • It’s a festive Christmas reindeer.
  • It’s a puzzle toy.
  • It gives your dog treats for playing with it.
  • It’s cute, funny (ZOOM) and durable.

How can you pass up this squeaky plush dog toy? It’s perfect for all the pups in your life, so don’t forget to get a few extra ones for your furry friends.



Christmas Gnome Hidden Ball Dog Toy

gnome christmas dog toy This one HAD to make the list of funny Christmas dog toys. Do see this gnome? LOL

Your dog will absolutely love carrying his Christmas gnome all over the house on Christmas morning, and when he/she discovers there’s a hidden ball inside of it. Oh, the joy!

Out of all the squeaky toys we looked at, this one absolutely wins the prize.



Christmas Stocking with Toy Pack

christmas stocking with dog toys This was the best Christmas Stocking set we could find. Not only does the stocking have a paw on it, but it has an assortment of durable toys, which means longer lasting.

You get some plush squeaky toys, rope toys, two balls (one rope and the other treat-dispensing), and a stuffing-free reindeer.

This toy set gives your dog many gifts! It’s also perfect for giving as a gift – the recipient will be highly impressed with not only the stocking but also the toys set inside.


These are great for many different types of dogs. If you have a small dog like a westie, you may be interested in this article as well: Top 10 Best Toys for Westies


Interactive Dog Toy – Christmas Tree with Bulbs

christmas tree plush dog toy We love dog toy sets because it’s many toys in one. This Christmas tree is one of them. The tree is a toy, but the bulbs attach and detach from the tree. Dogs get much satisfaction from pulling the bulbs off, and then dog owners have a good time putting them back on.

This new toy for your pup on Christmas morning will surely be a big hit for small to big dogs.



Happy Dogs – Happy Owners for the Holidays

The excitement of Christmas isn’t just reserved for children and those that care for them – it’s for dogs, dog dads, and dog moms, too! Help your pup get into the holiday spirit with Christmas dog toys, especially some of the funny ones we love. They will no doubt bring laughter, joy, and happiness on Christmas morning.

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