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How Often Do You Walk Your Dog?


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Many dog owners are curious about how many times a day people walk their dogs. Is it once a day, twice a day, or even more? How long should the walks be? Short? Long? Dog Ownership Guide has embarked on the mission to answer the question: How often do you walk your dog?

Question: How Often Do You Walk Your Dog?

D.O.G. dogs (you can see them here) get a long walk every morning. A long walk is about 30 minutes. In addition to the walk, our dogs go outside multiple times throughout the day for more physical activity and potty breaks.

The average number of walks people take their dogs for walks is two. One in the morning and one in the evening. Usually, they are less than 30 minutes each totaling about the amount of time.


how often should you walk your dog


How Often Do You Walk Your Dog Who Is Older or a Puppy?

Older dogs, puppies, and smaller breeds need more potty breaks than many larger adult dogs, so it’s common for these breed populations to have frequent walks. These frequent walks could be up to 10 times a day if there isn’t a fenced-in backyard available.

The Importance of Walks

All pets need walks. Some need it more than others as mentioned above, but those walks aren’t just for potty breaks. Exercising the body is also a major need for all breeds.

Younger dogs may need more daily exercise as they have a lot more energy compared to adult dogs. Although, some dog breeds have just as much energy as younger dogs.

Dog walks help pets release pent-up energy, so they aren’t too hyper inside of the house, which can lead to poor behavior. Actually, many dog owners who have hyperactive dogs seek CBD oil to help calm their hyper dogs. They usually only resort to this when they just can’t incorporate more physical activity into the day for them.

Benefits of Regular Exercise for Dogs

All dogs (small dogs, large dogs, puppies, and older dogs) need regular exercise. Dog walking is the best way to exercise a dog. The following are the benefits of regular walks:

Reduced Stress

Just like humans, a pooch can reduce stress levels on daily walks.

Improved Joint Health

Walks are great for joint health. The movement of the joints strengthens bones, ligaments, and muscles. This can prevent injuries and delay degenerative conditions such as hip dysplasia.

Boost Cardiovascular Health

Increasing the heart rate daily is good for improving the heart. Even short walks each day can help improve cardiovascular health, so always remember – a little is better than nothing.

Better Cognitive Health

Mental stimulation by going outside is great for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. Being able to experience the outside world, smell different scents, and react to whatever is around them can benefit their cognitive health greatly.

There are many other ways that walking can benefit your dog’s health, so never underestimate the power of a nice brisk or casual walk around the neighborhood or park.


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Veterinarian Advice for How Often to Walk Your Dog

As a general rule, speak to your veterinarian about how often to walk your dog. Your dog’s breed factors into the number of times you should take your dog for a walk each dog. A dog breed that is high-strung may need more daily walks than one that is calmer. A vet can help you understand what is the right amount of exercise for your pooch.

How to Make the Most of the Walks

The biggest benefit of the walks is so that your pup gets tired out and doesn’t get too rowdy inside the house. Many times, bad dog behavior comes from pent-up energy. You can read about that in articles like Why Does My Dog Attack the Door When I Leave.

One way to take walks to the next level of physical exertion is using a weighted collar. It’s like weightlifting for a dog. You can read about the benefits of a weighted collar to see if it may be a good fit for your dog.

How Often Do You Walk Your Dog

Share below in the comments how often do you walk your dog? We have many dog owners who are interested in knowing if they are walking their dog more or less than you are, so it will help many dog owners.

Please include if your dog is a puppy, senior dog, small or large dog, and possibly breed. That will help people with similar dogs compare their dog walking habits.



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