Is Dog Teeth Cleaning Covered by Insurance?

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Dental disease causes significant chronic pain in pets because of infection, inflammation, and diseased teeth. Sadly, most dog owners don’t know their dogs are in pain because the lethargy, irritability, and decreased appetite are usually ignored for being age-related when it’s really due to severe oral pain. To keep dogs happy and healthy, it’s imperative to protect their oral health with regular dental teeth cleanings. Is dog teeth cleaning covered by insurance, though?

Does Dog Insurance Cover Teeth Cleaning?

Pet insurance does not cover dental cleanings. Dental cleanings are not considered an emergency illness or injury. Teeth cleaning is considered routine dental care like annual checkups, vaccinations, etc.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Covered by Insurance

Diagnostics for Dental Illnesses

X-rays are also not covered in pet insurance plans since they are used to identify a dental illness or dental disease. It’s not until there is a diagnosis of dental disease or illness that a pet insurance company will cover the costs of treating it.

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Dental Disease and Other Dental Issues

While pet insurance plans do not cover the cost of dental cleanings, they do provide coverage for serious dental problems such as periodontal disease or gum disease. Dental treatments for any dental illness are considered emergency illnesses and just as long as those dental diseases were not pre-existing conditions before enrolling in the pet insurance plan, the costs will be covered.

Dental Coverage for Dental Injuries

If rough playing leads to tooth loss, dental treatments associated with dental accidents are covered by the pet insurance plan. For instance, if fido needs a tooth extraction the cost of the dental procedure for it will be paid for by dental coverage.

Dental Insurance for Dogs

Pet insurance companies do not offer separate pet insurance policies for dental coverage. “Dental insurance” is part of the pet insurance policies. This is why dental care coverage falls under the same stipulations as a pet’s health insurance – coverage for illnesses and injuries as long as they are not associated with pre-existing conditions.

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What Is the Average Cost to Have a Dog’s Teeth Cleaned?

The cost of teeth cleaning for dogs varies depending on age, size, and the need for anesthesia. Where the teeth cleaning is taking place also matters, such as if the veterinarian’s office is in a rural or metropolitan area. The average cost of dog teeth cleaning is between $50 to $300.

Dogs with periodontal disease will need treatment along with cleaning. The treatment with teeth cleaning can cost anywhere between $500 to $800, according to

Why Dog Teeth Cleaning Is So Expensive

The reason dog teeth cleaning is so expensive is because of the sedation. Since humans don’t have to be sedated to have their teeth cleaned, it’s less expensive. Anesthesia is notorious for being a budget buster. Since dogs can’t sit still for teeth cleaning, they must be sedated and that’s where all the money goes when having a dog’s teeth cleaned.

How Often Should Dogs Get a Dental Cleaning

Dogs don’t need dental cleaning as much as humans. Dogs only need their teeth cleaned once every year vs. every 6 months for humans.

Do Dogs Need Teeth Cleaning?

Yes, dogs need teeth cleaning. Just like humans, dental health affects physical health. Periodontal disease can cause serious medical issues for dogs, which is why preventing it is worth the cost of canine dental cleaning.

Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth with Routine Dental Cleanings

Despite pet insurance companies not covering routine dental cleanings, it’s still important to take care of a pet’s dental health. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends cleaning a pet’s teeth once a year to avoid dental diseases that could lead to tooth loss.

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