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Is Potted Meat Good for Dogs?


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Potted meat may seem like an easy way to give your pet some food without buying commercial dog food, but is potted meat good for dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Potted Meat?

Before we answer the question about potted meat being good for dogs, let’s tackle this question: Can dogs eat potted meat?

While dogs technically can eat potted meat, it’s not recommended due to high salt content, preservatives, and potential unhealthy additives often present in this type of product.

Answering the Question: Is Potted Meat Good for Dogs?

No, potted meat is not good for dogs. Potted meat has a high amount of fat, salt, and preservatives. Dogs should not consume potted or canned meat on a regular basis.

What Is Potted Meat?

Potted meat is preserved meat that includes various types of meat, such as:

  • Beef Tripe
  • Pork
  • Chicken Carcass
  • Turkey
  • Organs

Is Potted Meat Actually Meat?

Yes, potted meat is an assortment of seasoned, cooked meats—frequently pureed, minced, or ground—that undergo heat processing and are then packed into compact cans.

The quality of potted meat is low. Most people don’t enjoy potted or canned meat because of the taste, texture, ingredients, and nutrition.

potted meat good for dogs

Brands of Potted Meat

The allure of potted meat is that it’s extremely inexpensive. Some well-known brands of potted meat include:

  1. Armour Star
  2. Hormel
  3. Libby’s
  4. Underwood
  5. Brunswick
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These brands produce various types of canned or potted meat products. Unfortunately, while it is cheap and dogs can eat it, dogs still shouldn’t eat it.

Why Dog Owners Wonder If Potted Meat Is Good for Dogs

Potted meat has low-quality meats in it and most dog owners think that dogs can eat it safely. Unfortunately, this is a huge misconception because dogs need quality meat in their diet just as much as humans do for a healthy body.

Long shelf life is attractive to dog owners. They can buy it in bulk and keep it in the pantry. Even though this makes it a cheap option for dog food, the savings may not be worth it in the end if there are veterinarian bills to pay due to health issues from eating it.

The other reason people ask if their pet can eat preserved meat is that it’s easy to serve. Just pop open the can and spoon it out into the dog bowl.

Cost is the other reason many people ask if potted meat is good for dogs. Since the quality of the meat products is low, it doesn’t cost much to make and so it doesn’t cost much to buy them.

Potential Health Risks of Potted Meat

We’ve identified the biggest problems with dog potted meat, but understanding how unhealthy it really is can help drive the point home. The following are reasons we say no when people ask: is potted meat good for dogs?

Stomach Upset

When dogs (and many humans) eat overly processed foods with high levels of salt and fat, their body doesn’t do well with it. This can lead to an upset stomach.

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The spices added to the meat can also cause stomachaches. In serious cases, dogs can suffer from bleeding ulcers that cause damage to the digestive tract.


To keep the meat product from expiring, canned meat has high levels of salt. That salt can be highly dehydrating. When a dog suffers from dehydration, it can be life-threatening.

If your dog has consumed potted or canned meat, keep an eye on him/her. Signs of salt poisoning are diarrhea, lethargy, and not drinking enough water.


In addition to a lot of salt, there’s a lot of sugar in potted meat. High amounts of sugar can also be detrimental to your dog’s health. It can lead to diabetes and other medical issues such as hyperactivity, tooth decay, weight gain, etc.

Weight Gain

The high animal fat content in products like Armour potted meats can quickly lead to weight gain. A sudden increase in fat consumption can trigger pancreatitis, also known as pancreas inflammation.

Toxic for Dogs

While the main ingredient in Armour potted meats is meat, there are other ingredients that can cause problems, such as garlic and onion. These two ingredients are often used to enhance the taste of foods, but they are toxic to dogs.

Garlic and onion can damage red blood cells, which are important in blood circulation. When they are damaged, there’s a high risk of anemia.

potted meat bad for dogs

What About Canned Dog Food?

Many people wonder why they can’t give their dog potted meat when canned dog food is nearly the same. It’s true that canned dog food is about the same as canned meat, but it’s also not good for a dog’s body.

Always know that even though commercial dog food is made for dogs, it doesn’t mean it supports a dog’s health. It’s just like human food. Not everything that is made is healthy. The difference between dogs and humans is that humans can choose foods that have high nutritional value. Dogs are stuck with what their owner gives them.

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That’s why it’s so important to feed your furry friend a healthy diet recommended by veterinarians – fresh raw dog food.

Dogs shouldn’t eat heavily processed meat. They need fresh meat because that’s where the nutrition is – there’s hardly any nutrition in dog potted meat.

The best meat for dog food is raw meat. When the meat hasn’t been cooked, the nutritional value remains intact.

Fresh meat is also a good choice for your pet. Minimally processed meats such as beef, chicken, and organ meat are still healthy. It’s just that raw meat is the healthiest food you can give your pup.

What If You’ve Fed Your Dog Potted Meat

If you’ve already fed your pup potted meat, don’t panic. Your pup will likely be okay. Keep an eye out for distress such as diarrhea. Contact your veterinarian if your pup’s diarrhea hasn’t stopped within 24 hours. Learn More: When Is Dog Diarrhea an Emergency?

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are related questions from dog owners.

Is canned meat good for dogs?

Canned meat, including potted meat, is not good for dogs because it’s heavily processed and has high levels of fat and salt.

What meat should dogs never have?

Dogs should not eat meats that have a lot of salt and fat, such as bacon, ham, and potted meats.

What is the safest meat for dogs?

The safest meat for dogs is minimally processed chicken, turkey, lean ground beef, and beef. Raw meat contains the most nutrients because they haven’t been lost in the cooking process.

canned meat for dogs

Recap: Is Potted Meat Good for Dogs?

Potted meat is bad for dogs, especially when consumed on a daily basis. Potted meat is high in fat, salt, and preservatives. Avoid giving your dog any canned meats, including commercial dog food in a can.

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