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Muzzle to Stop Dog Barking at Night


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If you’re thinking of getting a muzzle to stop dog barking at night, there are some things you should know before you make a purchase. Below we explain why you should and shouldn’t buy a muzzle to help with a dog’s barking behavior.

Best Dog Muzzle to Stop Dog Barking at Night

If you do decide to use a muzzle to stop dog barking at night, be sure to check out the best dog muzzles we’ve been able to find.

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Why You Should Buy a Muzzle to Stop Dog Barking at Night

The following reasons are why dog owners should buy a muzzle to stop dog barking at night.

A Muzzle Is Effective

Dog owners with dogs that bark a lot know all too well the frustration and irritation that comes along with barking. All they want to do is make it stop. Using a muzzle can certainly stop the barking, which is obviously the main reason to buy a muzzle.

Reduces the Risks of Aggressive Behavior

The other reason to buy a muzzle to stop dog barking at night is that it can lower the risk of aggressive behavior. Dogs bark when threatened. It’s a warning before an attack. A dog’s muzzle can keep a pup from biting someone if your dog’s barking isn’t taken seriously and that person continues to either taunt your dog or stay close to him/her.

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It Helps Dog Owners and Dogs Get a Good Night’s Sleep

No one is getting a good night’s sleep with a barking dog all night long. A muzzle gives your dog’s barking to a minimum.

Muzzles Can Reduce Excessive Barking

A dog’s muzzle isn’t his/her most prized possession, but it can be effective in reducing barking behavior. It encourages quiet behavior because when a dog can’t bark fully with a dog muzzle on, the dog starts to unlearn that response.

Can Be Used for Other Situations

Many pet owners who decide to use a muzzle to stop their dog barking at night will use it in other situations. Dogs that exhibit territorial barking may need a muzzle to prevent any aggressive actions such as jumping or biting another dog or person. It can also be used when a pup meets new people that he/she isn’t comfortable with and the body language is making them nervous.

Reasons to Not Use a Muzzle to Stop Dog Barking at Night

Now that you have some reasons to use a muzzle to stop dog barking at night, it’s a good idea to know the reasons not to use one. By knowing both sides, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision on whether or not you want to use a no-bark muzzle.

It Can Increase Aggressive Behavior

Some dogs become very nervous when they have to wear a muzzle. They feel restricted and when they are already in a heightened state of anxiety, it can make it worse. It’s why many dogs will go wild when they have to wear a dog muzzle.

Make Separation Anxiety Worse

Along the lines of causing aggressive behavior, it can make separation anxiety worse. One of the many reasons dogs bark is to communicate how they are feeling. It’s a coping mechanism for them, and when they can’t do it, they suffer more.

muzzle for barking at night

Incorrect Size Muzzles Can Cause Harm to a Dog’s Snout

A dog muzzle that’s too tight around the snout can cause skin irritation and even dental problem if worn for long periods.

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Possibly Inhumane

Many people believe that muzzles, especially for the use of stopping excessive barking are inhumane. They believe the muzzle stifles an important natural instinct that a dog should be able to satisfy.

Alternatives to Using a Muzzle to Stop Dog Barking

You don’t need to use a muzzle to stop dog barking at night. You can also do the following to help you and your dog get a good night’s rest.

Ensure Your Dog Gets Plenty of Exercise

One of the reasons dogs bark at night is due to having pent-up energy from not getting enough physical activity during the day. Be sure to take your dog for a walk or run about an hour or two before bedtime, so he/she is exhausted when it’s time to sleep.

Keep Your Dog from Getting Bored

A bored dog is a barking dog. A dog that has to be alone during the day while its family members are at work and then has to sleep at night can get really bored. Providing interactive dog toys can help entertain your dog during the day, so he/she will be ready to sleep at night.

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Teach the Quiet Command

The quiet command is obviously a great way to stop barking. Since it can be difficult for some pet owners to train their dog, a professional dog trainer can come in handy. You may also want to reach out to a certified applied animal behaviorist who can identify the underlying cause of the barking and work on your dog’s behavior from that angle.

Use a Bark Collar

A bark collar that vibrates every time your dog barks may work well for your furry friend. We recommend giving it a try. Some dogs ignore the vibration so it doesn’t work as well as it should.
There are barking collars, which may help if your property doesn’t exactly enjoy your pup’s symphony. Below are some dog products if you’re interested.

barking collars

This is a SUPER humane bark collar. All it does is beep and vibrate when your dog barks. There are 7 levels of intensity but even the highest level isn’t enough to hurt your pooch. It just gets your dog’s attention and with some training on what it means it goes off, and your dog will learn to suppress his desire to bark all the time.

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Dr. Trainer’s shock collar for barking dogs comes with an app. It does deliver an electric shock if you choose that feature. You can turn it on and off. The way it works is when your pooch barks, it beeps. If your dog continues to bark, it vibrates, and then if your dog continues to bark, it delivers an electric shock. The sound, vibration, and shock are unpleasant to your pooch and eventually, he/she will understand that barking is what makes it happen and won’t do it as much just to avoid it.

Give It Time When in a New Home

If your dog is excessively barking because you’ve recently moved to a new home, give your furry friend some time to get used to the place. The barking will likely stop soon and you won’t need a muzzle to stop dog barking at night.

Young Dogs Become Older Dogs

Young dogs often bark much more than older dogs. In other words, a pup grows out of nuisance barking. Even though that’s true, your dog’s behavior during puppyhood can make you want to rehome your dog. If you can’t wait it out, a muzzle may be the best solution for short periods of time.

Give Your Furry Friend Attention

Dogs bark because they want attention. Give your dog some attention BEFORE bedtime. Refrain from giving that attention during the night hours or your dog will learn to bark at night for more attention. Over time, your pup will learn attention is given during the daytime hours.

Consider CBD for Dog Barking

CBD for dogs can be effective in calming dogs down so they don’t bark so much. You can learn more about it in this article: CBD for Dog Barking

How to Decide to Use a Muzzle to Stop Dog Barking at Night

Dog muzzles aren’t the worse thing you can do to your dog. While it may not be the best solution from your dog’s view, it is an effective solution for nuisance barking.

Our recommendation is to try to get your dog to stop barking at night with some of the other ways above, and then if they don’t work, you can move on to using a muzzle.

Do muzzles stop barking?

Yes, muzzles stop barking because it keeps the mouth closed. Muzzles should not be worn for extended periods of time.

Will a muzzle stop my dog from barking?

Yes, a muzzle can stop your dog from barking, but don’t use one for a long time. It is only for temporary use.



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