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My Dog is Suddenly Afraid of Grass


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Does your pup suddenly shiver and hide when you bring them outdoors? If so, they may have developed a fear of grass. This can be an alarming experience for both the dog and their owner, but don’t worry – it’s more common than you think. Let’s break down why this might be happening to your pup and how you can help them overcome their fear.

What Causes Fear of Grass?

There are a few reasons why your pup may be afraid of grass, including previous experiences or underlying medical conditions. For example, if they felt pain when walking on grass due to an injury or infection, they may associate that feeling with the outdoor surface itself. Alternatively, if your pup has had a frightening experience outside in the past (like running into another dog), they may have formed a negative association with the environment.

Furthermore, some dogs develop a fear of grass due to an underlying medical condition such as arthritis or joint pain. Dogs who are suffering from these disorders tend to associate walking on grass with discomfort and will avoid it because of that feeling.

How Help Your Dog Overcome Fear of Grass

The best way to help your pup get over their fear is by slowly desensitizing them to the environment where they feel threatened. For instance, if your pup is scared to walk on grass, start by having them sit near the area before gradually introducing them closer and closer until eventually having them walk on it themselves. At each stage of progress, reward your pup with treats and lots of verbal praise as positive reinforcement for their bravery! Additionally, make sure to take plenty of breaks during training so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming for them.

If these steps still don’t help alleviate your pup’s fear of grass after several weeks or months, you should consider consulting a professional trainer who specializes in animal behaviorism and phobias in order to get additional advice tailored specifically to your dog’s needs.

Fear of grass is not uncommon among pups but there are ways that you can help yours overcome this issue – slowly but surely! Start by desensitizing them to the environment where they feel threatened while rewarding positive behaviors along the way with treats and verbal praise. If all else fails, consult a professional trainer who specializes in animal behaviorism and phobias for additional advice tailored specifically for your dog’s needs. With the right support from you and further resources if needed, soon enough there won’t be any obstacle too big for your brave pup!



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