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My Dog Won’t Let Me Out of His Sight


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If you’re saying, “My dog won’t let me out of his sight.” you’re likely wondering why. As a dog mom of four dogs, and having 6 dogs total in my life. I can tell you that when your dog won’t let you out of his sight, it can be a good and/or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

my dog won't let me out of his sight

Why My Dog Won’t Let Me Out of His Sight

A dog won’t let you out of his sight for a few different reasons. Most of these reasons come from personal experience with my own pups who yes, follow me around all over the house all. day. long.

Let’s get started on the why a dog won’t let his/her owner of sight.


Dogs love deeply. That love means that they want to be around you all the time. They don’t want to let you out of sight because it’s sad. They do miss their loved ones when they are away.

Pack Animal

Dogs are pack animals. They live in packs. Just because you’re a human, it doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t see you as a member of the pack. Usually, you’re pack leader, so it makes sense that your dog would follow you all around every day. You are leading the way.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs experience anxiety much like humans do, but unfortunately, they don’t have the advantage of knowing the details of what is going on around them. For instance, you go to work and your dog becomes very anxious and/or depressed. Humans know that when their loved ones go to work, they come back later. Dogs are too sure that is going to happen, especially ones that suffer from separation anxiety.


Dogs love to be entertained. It’s more entertaining to be with you than by themselves, so that’s why your dog may not let you out of his sight.


Your dog sees you as comfort. As long as you’re around, your dog is happy because all is well in the world.


Dogs protect their pack members and the pack leader. To be able to protect you, your dog has to be with you.

My Dog Won’t Let Me Out of His Sight

With four dogs, my dogs are always all around me. My dogs are all around me right now as I type this blog. They just want to be with us because that’s where they feel most at peace. They can protect if need me, they know you’re here for them, and it’s fun to know what your loved one is doing at all times.

Like mentioned above. It depends on how you look at it when determining if it’s good or bad that your dog won’t let you out of his sight.

Comment below on what your thoughts are on why a dog won’t let you out of his sight.



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