Pet Insurance for 6 Year Old Dog

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As a good pet owner, you likely want to choose the best pet insurance available without having to pay the highest price possible. Dog Ownership Guide gets it. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on the best pet insurance for a 6-year-old dog.


Pet Insurance for 6 Year Old Dog

After 6 years of age, dogs are just over halfway to their Golden Years. As experienced pet owners know, older dogs often begin to suffer from age-related medical issues – just like humans. This is why pet owners are more likely to use their dog insurance policy to pay for vet bills after this age.

Pet owners of older dogs are often faced with financial challenges resulting from medical issues such as:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Hearing and Vision Loss
  • Joint Problems
  • Dementia/Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Cancer
  • Heart Problems
  • Gastrointestinal Issues and Incontinence
  • Kidney Issues

The above medical conditions are just some of them the medical issues that can appear as dogs become older. The treatment for them and others can be over thousands of dollars. Dog insurance can help with associated vet bills.

pet insurance for older dog

How Pet Parents Can Save with a Pet Insurance Company

Pet parents who worry about the high cost of veterinarian care can find solace in a pet insurance company. With illness coverage, treatment costs for age-related ailments could be fully paid for after the deductible has been met – just like humans.

In addition to illness coverage, most pet insurance companies offer accident coverage. This is why many dog owners decide to invest in health insurance for their pup much sooner than 6 years old. If an accident were to occur, the associated treatment costs would be covered.


Dog Health Insurance and Pet’s Age

Pet health insurance companies do not have an age limit for enrollees. While older pets may have a higher priced policy, coverage is still available and worth it. The costs of exam fees, medication, and procedures to treat medical conditions and injuries from an accident are much more than what a dog owner will pay for pet health insurance.


What Pet Insurers Do Not Cover

Now that you know there isn’t an age limit for pet health insurance, let’s discuss what is not covered – even with coverage from the best pet insurance companies.

  • Pre-Existing Conditions
    Not even the best pet insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is a medical issue that was diagnosed before enrolling in a pet insurance policy. Pet insurers will review vet bills prior to enrollment to identify pre-existing conditions. Some pet insurance providers do cover cured conditions. For instance, a pup successfully treated for periodontal disease or gum disease may have treatment costs covered if it arises again in the future.
  • Routine Care
    Pet insurance policies do not cover preventative care. However, the best pet insurance companies such as PetFirst Healthcare and Embrace Pet Insurance offer a wellness plan for routine care coverage. This plan does not cover exam fees but rather discounts them or sets pet owners up with budgeting programs to make the costs less burdensome. This can be highly advantageous for senior pets, as they need more preventative care to remain happy and healthy.

You may be interested in learning more about wellness plans by reading: PetFirst Wellness Plans

  • Issues During Waiting Periods
    Pet insurance providers have waiting periods after enrolling a new pet into pet insurance policies. This prevents people from only enrolling their dog for coverage vs. enrolling in it earlier in the dog’s life. Insurance should be a safeguard against the financial repercussions of illnesses or injuries, not a quick way to cover the costs of treatment.

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What to Know About the Cost of Pet Insurance for Senior Dogs

Since pet care is more likely for senior pets, most dog insurance companies charge higher premiums for policies. These higher premiums can be reduced by choosing a higher deductible and taking advantage of a number of discounts offered, such as military and multi-pet discounts.

As you’re browsing pet insurance plans, be sure to look for what the annual limits are as some pet health insurance companies have them and they can be low. Reimbursement level is another part of the policy dog owners should pay particular attention to, as that can also affect how much the insurance company will pay.

Learning how to choose the best dog insurance for your senior pet is important, so be sure to read:

Senior Dog Insurance

Hereditary conditions are another consideration with pet health insurance. Hip dysplasia is more likely to be a concern for pets over a certain age, and pet insurance providers know that and base the price of a policy on it. Since pet care for hip dysplasia is expensive, pet insurance provider prices their policies according to the risks of hereditary conditions of the breed.

Learn more about hereditary conditions and dog insurance by reading: Dog Insurance That Covers Hip Dysplasia


The Battle of Choosing Dog Insurance

Dog owners invest a lot of money into their pups. It’s worth it though to see them healthy and happy. Always remember, Dog Owners Guide believes in Happy Dogs – Happy Owners.

Dog insurance is simply another investment in the happiness and health of your pup. No dog owner should ever have to decide between their dog’s life and treatment cost. Pet insurance ensures that doesn’t have to happen.

In addition to covering the high costs of treatments for illnesses and injuries, the best pet insurance companies offer a wellness plan to help make routine care more affordable. While this wellness coverage doesn’t work like health insurance, it increases the worth of having dog insurance.

Dog Ownership Guide recommends the following pet health insurance:


Embrace Pet Insurance


PetFirst Pet Insurance



Need more help choosing dog insurance? Read this: How to Choose Dog Insurance

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