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Are you looking for pet insurance that covers vaccinations? Dog Ownership Guide has researched this for you. Find out what we discovered below.

Vaccinations cost hundreds of dollars a year. Households with multiple pets can pay up to $1,000 a year for vaccinations.

Many pet parents consider getting a pet insurance policy to help pay for the expenses of annual vaccines. Unfortunately, while this would be greatly helpful financially, it is not possible.

Pet insurance does not cover vaccinations.

Pet insurance companies do offer wellness coverage programs, such as Embrace Pet Insurance and PetFirst Insurance (two of the best pet insurance companies).

What Pet Insurance Plans Cover

pet insurance which covers vaccinations

Before diving into pet wellness plans, it’s important to understand pet insurance and what it does cover.

Comprehensive coverage does not mean everything and anything is covered when it comes to vet bills. It simply means that it will cover all the costs of emergency care, including illness and accidents.

Pet insurance provides illness coverage and emergency care. This includes veterinary care (exam fees) for accidents.

Pet insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, but it does cover hereditary conditions and chronic conditions. For example, hip dysplasia is a common hereditary condition. As long as a pup is enrolled in a policy before a licensed veterinarian diagnoses the condition, pet insurance will cover the costs associated with treatment and recovery.

Pet insurance plans do not cover diagnostics such as x-rays, blood tests, and another diagnostic testing.

Preventative care (even for hereditary conditions and chronic conditions) is not covered by insurance. However, pet insurance companies offer pet wellness plans to help with the costs of preventative care, including chiropractic care, routine visits, dental care, and vaccinations.

Alternatives to Pet Insurance Which Cover Vaccinations

While there isn’t pet insurance that covers vaccinations, there are wellness plans that can be added to policies to help with the cost of them.

Embrace Pet Insurance Wellness Rewards

Pet owners often decide to invest in dog insurance because of the available options for wellness coverage, especially those who enroll their dog in an Embrace Pet Insurance policy.

Pet parents can choose to add Embrace’s Wellness Rewards to a pet insurance policy for preventative care coverage. Policyholders can choose from three options:

  1. Up to $250 allowance per policy year (a year savings of $25)
  2. Up to $450 for a yearly savings of $24.96.
  3. Up to $650 per policy year for $24.92 in savings.

A pet’s age influences the option that is best. Pet owners with a puppy would benefit the most from option #3. Option 1 is best for adult dogs and option #2 is good for senior dogs.

PetFirst Routine Care Coverage

PetFirst’s Routine Care Rider offers a discount program. Policyholders pay $125 for up to $15 for wellness exam fees, up to $25 for vaccinations, up to $50 for preventive care (heartworm test, Microchip ID, flea and tick meds, etc), and $35 for behavior training.

Read PetFirst Wellness Plan for more information about routine care coverage.

How to Reduce the Costs of Vaccinations

pet vaccinations

The only way to take advantage of wellness plans is to add them to a pet insurance policy for comprehensive coverage. The good news is that enrolling your pup in a dog insurance policy is not difficult. After answering a few questions and submitting your pup’s veterinarian records, it’s about a month or so until enrollment.

Many pet insurance providers offer discounts as well for multiple pets, diminishing deductibles, and more. You can learn more about discounts by reading PetPlan Offers or Embrace Pet Insurance Coverage.

Wellness plans can be used immediately, though. That means that even though your illness and accident coverage isn’t available to use, any routine care (including veterinary care and chiropractic care) can be covered by the wellness options.

Get started with dog insurance quotes. They will help you decide if accident and illness coverage fits into your budget, so you can take advantage of the pet wellness plan savings.

PetFirst Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance

PetPlan Insurance

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