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Pros and Cons of Belly Bands for Dogs


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The pros and cons of belly bands for dogs depend entirely on why you’re using them. Dogs with incontinence benefit much more than those with behavioral causes from the release of urine in the home. Learn more about the pros and cons of belly bands for dogs below.

What Does a Bell Band Do for Dogs?

A belly band for dogs is a type of wrap that goes around a male dog’s waist to catch urine and prevent it from soiling in your home. It can be used for housebreaking, incontinence, and other behavioral issues like marking or excitement peeing. Belly bands are comfortable for dogs as long as they are made of a light material and fit snugly.

The Pros and Cons of Belly Bands for Dogs

Belly bands are washable dog diapers for male pups. Belly bands are not female dog diapers and DO NOT work for female dogs, as their private parts won’t be covered with a belly band.

Dog owners choose to purchase belly bands for their male dogs for many reasons, but mostly to save their carpet, furniture, and other items and areas from being damaged by their pup’s urine.

Pros of Belly Bands for Dogs

While preserving a home’s integrity is a great pro of belly bands for dogs, there are many others you should know.

Reduces Frustration

How many times have you been frustrated (MAD) because of your dog’s intentional or unintentional release of urine? With dog diapers, you simply just remove it and wash it. Unless you purchase disposable dog diapers, then you can just throw them away.

Easily Washed

Washable dog diapers just need to be thrown into the washing machine. Some dog owners rinse them first before placing them into the washing machine, but in any case, they are very easily washed.

Avoids Embarrassment

If you take your senior dog or small dog to someone’s house, you don’t have to worry about your pup having an accident with this product.

Saves Money

It’s cheaper to purchase dog belly bands – either washable or disposable ones than to purchase a new couch, floor, etc.

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Keeps Senior Dogs Home for Longer

Pet parents often make the difficult decision to put their older dogs down because they can’t handle their incontinence. With disposable dog diapers or washable dog diapers, a senior dog can remain with his/her family for longer.

Comfortable for Pup

All types of dogs, even small dogs, love the bands because they wrap around the body like a security blanket.

Easy On and Off

Dog owners rave over how easy dog belly bands are to put on and take off. Just wrap it around the body and velcro it in place. Taking it off just means separating the velcro.

Since we’re covering the pros and cons of belly bands for dogs, let’s move forward with the cons of belly bands.

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pros of belly bands for dogs

Cons of Belly Bands for Dogs

After reading the pros of belly bands for dogs, most dog owners are surprised there are any cons to them. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of dog belly bands that must be identified.

Skin Irritation

If the disposable diaper isn’t removed shortly after the pooch urinates on it, skin irritation can occur similar to a baby with a diaper. Skin irritation that doesn’t heal quickly can make it impossible to use another diaper right away.

More Frequent Bathing

Since the diapers are on the dog’s fur and become full after urination, a dog’s fur will start to smell of pee. This means that the pooch will need more bathing to reduce the likelihood of skin irritation or just smelling bad.

House Training

Disposable diapers should not be used for house training because it doesn’t train the pup to hold his bladder for using the bathroom outside. While the band may keep the pup from having an accident on the floor, when the band is removed, it’s almost certain that the pup will end up having an accident.

Added Expense

While the cost of replacing personal items that have dog urine on them supersedes the expense of disposable diapers, they are still an added expense to a budget.

Ineffective for Female Dogs

Belly bands for female dogs don’t exist. Due to the design of dog belly bands, they are not suitable for females as they don’t cover the location of their private areas. There are female dog diapers if you’re looking for something similar.

Dog Urine Odor

Some pet parents do not like the smell of the diapers when it’s been used and don’t enjoy putting them into the washing machine. Of course, it’s a toss-up between that and cleaning up puddles of dog urine on the floor or regularly deep-cleaning furniture that may make the entire house smell like dog pee.

Are Belly Bands Bad for Dogs?

According to Dr. Gary Richter, a renowned veterinarian and author, belly bands are not bad for dogs and can be a useful tool for pet owners. In fact, he states that “belly bands can be a great solution for dogs that have trouble with incontinence or marking indoors”

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However, it is important to use the belly band correctly and not leave it on for too long to avoid UTIs and other health issues. Additionally, belly bands should not be used as an alternative to complete potty training and should only be used as a temporary solution.

Can Belly Bands Cause UTI in Dogs?

Yes, belly bands can cause UTI in dogs if they are not used correctly. If you place a belly band on your dog and leave it there for too long, bacteria can start to back up into the urethra resulting in UTI in dogs. It is important to change the belly band frequently and keep the area clean to avoid infection.

According to the American Kennel Club, UTIs are a painful and potentially dangerous condition in dogs that can cause bloody urine, difficulty urinating, and licking of the area. To prevent UTIs, it is important to monitor your dog’s hygiene and use the belly band properly. If you notice any symptoms of UTI, contact your veterinarian immediately.

cons of belly bands for dogs

How to Decide to Use Belly Bands for Dogs

After reading the pros and cons of belly bands for dogs, you may wonder if it’s right for your dog. One question some dog owners have is: “Are belly bands for dogs cruel?” While this can be up for debate, they are not cruel. They do not cause any pain. As long as the belly band is changed after urinating so it doesn’t cause any skin irritation, it is not cruel.

The pros and cons of belly bands for dogs are meant to give dog owners all of the information needed to make a well-informed decision. The above belly bands for dogs have helped many dog owners take control of a frustrating situation.

Read more about how belly bands can help dogs by reading How to Stop Dogs from Marking.

When Not to Use Belly Bands on Dogs

Dog belly bands are a good solution for a temporary situation. If your dog keeps peeing in belly band, you may need to find a different solution for the pee problems you’re having with your dog.

For instance, if a dog is urinating due to a urinary tract infection or suffering from incontinence due to being an older dog, belly bands are not a good option.

Behavioral issues, such as marking territory or not being house-trained, are not good reasons to use this dog product. Not only does long-term use irritate the dog’s skin, but the habit(s) will never be broken.

If you’re struggling with potty training, consider reading Last Resort for Dog Potty Training.

It’s better to work with a dog trainer or vet to stop the behaviors rather than buy dog diapers for your pup’s lifetime. With a bit of coaching with the help of a trainer or vet, your pup can stop having accidents in your home and other people’s houses (if that is the case). Yes, even in the case of spraying to mark territory.

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How to Use a Belly Band for Dogs

Using washable or disposable dog diapers is easy. Wrap the band around the body of your pet and secure it with velcro. The private area of your male dog should be covered by the band. The legs are completely free to move around without restriction.

Removing washable or disposable dog diapers is just as easy. Simply detach the velcro and take it away to the washing machine or trash.

How to Keep Belly Band on Dogs

One of the most popular questions dog owners ask is how to keep belly bands on dogs. Sizing matters so much when it comes to keeping belly bands secure around a male dog’s body.

Sizing for Dog Bands

Most descriptions for dog bands will include sizing information. Pet parents just need to use a measuring tape to measure around the belly and then the length of the body to ensure the dog band reaches far enough down to the private area.

How Tight Should a Belly Band Be Around a Dog?

You should be able to put a couple of fingers in between the band and your dog’s skin. If the belly band is too tight around a dog, it can cause skin irritation and redness. If the belly band is too loose on a dog, urine may come out of it, which could cause quite a mess on the dog and on the floor and furniture.

Where to Buy Dog Belly Bands

Dog belly bands are not sold everywhere dog products are sold, which can make it difficult for some dog owners to find them. Some vets will carry them for patients with urinary tract infections or older dogs suffering from incontinence. It’s also possible to purchase them on Amazon.

Dog belly bands come in many styles to suit your taste. You can see all of the ones available on Amazon by clicking here (we receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase one after clicking the link, so we appreciate your support).

Best Belly Bands for Dogs

Below are some of the best belly bands for male dogs:

Brooke’s Best Belly Bands for Male Dogs

Keep an eye on these. They are so great that they are often sold out on Amazon. You may want to get one of the others below BUT keep checking back for these. The reviews are amazing and they come with two in a pack. The designs are oh-so-cute too.

brookes best belly bands for male dogs

They have this cute video that is worth adding here:

Pet Parents

This site has a lot of information about belly bands AND sells them. They don’t have cute patterns like (described below) but they sell their belly bands as a 3-pack.

The packs come in different colors:

  • Natural Pack – Brown and Black
  • Gentleman Pack – Blue, Green, and Black
  • Black Pack – All Black
  • Puddles Pack – Yellow, Baby Blue, and Fun Yellow and Baby Blue Design

Due to this brand selling by the pack, they offer the best value in belly bands.

dog belly bands

Weegreeco Belly Bands for Dogs

We love the plaid pattern on these belly bands! The stretch makes it comfortable and still secure to hold dog urine inside of it. These are washable and come in a 3-pack. They are different patterns available to choose from, so click through to Amazon to see if there is anything you like better.

belly bands for dogs



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