Rehoming Dog After Baby

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Are you thinking of rehoming your dog after having a baby? You’re not alone. Many people consider rehoming dog after baby.

Rehoming Dog After Baby: Should You Do It?

To help you with your decision, answer the following questions and then read what you should do about the answer.

rehome dog after baby

Is Your Dog Suffering?

Do you believe your dog is suffering after bringing home your baby? While you may feel as though you’re neglecting your pup, he/she may not be suffering as much as you believe. It may be a good idea to discuss your feelings with the vet to find out if your dog is indeed suffering.

Is Your Dog Dangerous?

Some dogs exhibit aggressive behavior when a new baby comes home. If this is the situation, it is a good idea to rehome your dog.

Do You Feel Stressed?

If taking care of your puppy and a new baby is too much for you, is there anyone that can help you with either the dog or baby? Many families hire a dog sitter or dog walker to help with the responsibilities of taking care of their dog when they have a new baby, especially in the beginning.

Is It Too Early?

The first few weeks after bringing home a new baby are the hardest. While you may feel as though you can’t handle your dog and new baby now, it may be easier in a few weeks. If it’s possible to get some extra help or have someone care for your dog temporarily, it may help you get through this difficult time without rehoming dog after baby.

Is It Financial?

Are you having difficulty with the financial aspects of caring for a dog? If your dog has medical expenses and you’re stuck with the bills of having a new baby, you may want to consider looking for some ways to cut down on the medical costs for your dog. Dog insurance can help in the future if your dog comes down with an illness or injuries due to an accident. You can also ask your vet for some help with paying vet bills. There’s a credit card called CareCredit that can help you cover the costs while you get your finances in order after having a new baby.

rehoming dog after new baby

What to Do When Rehoming Dog After Baby

If you’re sure that rehoming dog after the baby is the right decision, you’re making the best choice for everyone involved, including your dog. These tips can help you when rehoming dog after baby.

Be Honest

When spreading the word about wanting to rehome your dog after the baby, tell people everything you know about your dog, including behavior issues, medical problems, etc. This will set up your dog to enter a new family with the best chance of success.

Spread the News

Tell the vet that you’re going to rehome the dog after the baby. Don’t worry; people do it all the time. Do not feel guilty.

The vet may know some patients who are looking for a new dog and can put you in touch with them.

Call Local Animal Shelters

You can call local animal shelters to be on the lookout for anyone who may be looking for a dog like yours because many people ask animal shelters for a specific breed or feature.

Let Friends, Family and Coworkers Know

Tell everyone you know and encourage them to tell everyone they know that you’re looking to rehome your dog. The more people you know, the higher the chances you’ll find someone who will be interested in giving your pup a good home.

When you rehome your dog, know it will be difficult afterward. This article can help you get through the mourning process: Can’t Stop Crying After Rehoming Your Dog

Words of Advice for Rehoming Dog After Baby

DO NOT make this situation worse than it has to be on you. If you’ve considered the question above and feel in your heart that this is the best choice, then this is the best option. You are doing what is not only best for you and your new baby, but best for your pup. If your dog isn’t happy, you’re not happy. Give your dog a happy life, and if that means having someone else care for your pup, then that’s okay.

Feel free to leave a comment below about rehoming dog after baby. It’s good to let out your thoughts and feelings, and you will help others struggling with the same situation.

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