What to Do When Your Dog Squeezes Through Fences

March 7, 2022by DOGuide0

Raise your hand if you’re a small dog owner! We’re right there with you. If your small dog squeezes through fences, we have a solution. It’s going to make letting your dog go into the backyard so much less stressful. The best part? Your dog won’t mind it at all. It’s the puppy bumper.


Solving the Problem: Dog Squeezes Through Fence

One day, on a walk with our brood, we saw a neighbor’s dog with his head through the fence. There was something around his neck and we immediately grew curious. It didn’t take long to realize what it was and it’s purpose.

The circular pillow type collar was keeping the dog from squeezing through the fence. We had to find what out what it was for our Yorkie Poo who notoriously loved to slide right in between the railings of the backyard fence.

With just a couple of Google searches, the puppy bumper appeared. Within minutes, it was ordered.

puppy bumper

Puppy Bumper Review

Amazing. We give the puppy bumper A++. Every small dog owner needs one if they have a fence that has railings vs. chain links.

The collar keeps our dog from squeezing through the fence AND she does NOT mind it at all. Actually, after just a couple of weeks, she waits for us to put the collar on her before high-tailing it through the puppy door.

This dog product IS the solution to keeping a dog from squeezing through the fence.


Inexpensive and Effective

There’s no need to replace an existing fence with a new fence or get a chain-link fence because your little escape artist finds small openings to make his/her way out of the yard. Just slide the collar on over the head, and the problem is resolved. Your furry friend remains safe in your home’s backyard.

dog squeezing through fence solution

Tips for Using the Fence Bumper Collar

If you choose to purchase the bumper, keep these tips in mind:

  • Watch your small dog when he/she first starts using it because he/she will likely try and succeed in removing it with his/her paws.
  • Every single time you let your furry friend outside, place the collar over the head and then give your pup a command, like “Go ahead.” We did this and now Paris waits for us to put it on before darting towards the yard.
  • Test it out before letting your pet outside alone. Have a neighbor come outside or wait until larger dogs walk by to see how it works. Sizing is everything. One too small for your means still squeezing through the fence. One too big means it’s possible to slide out of the collar using paws or even wiggling the body through.
  • Pet owners often see their dogs, especially determined dogs, try repeatedly to remove them from the neck. Don’t give up! That problem will not last long. Once your pet realizes it is there to stay, he/she will move on to more important things – exploring the yard alone.


How to Buy the Puppy Bumper

Dog owners – if you’re ready to solve the problem of your dog squeezing through the fence, go ahead and try the bumper. Dog Ownership Guide highly recommends it because it has helped keep our Yorkie Poo from escaping through the rails of our metal fence. This kept us from having to replace our existing fence with chain link or putting chicken wire along the fence line, which were not ideal solutions at all.

Click below to buy the Puppy Bumper for a dog that squeezes through your fence.


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