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Replacement Squeakers for Dog Toys


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We’ve been dog owners for 20+ years and NEVER thought about replacing the squeakers in old dogs’ toys. When we discovered this possibility, we embarked on a mission to find where to buy replacement squeakers for dog toys.

Dog Toy Squeakers – Replacement Options for Old Toys

To tell you the truth, we never thought about squeaker replacements for dog toys. Whenever the dog toys’ squeakers were no longer working, we simply waited until the rest of the toys were spent and then threw them away.

That meant that we had to replace the dog toys, and as dog owners, we all know how expensive that can be for us. Why we never thought of replacement squeakers for dog toys is unknown, but now that we know about it, a whole new world has opened up for us and our dogs.

Where to Buy Replacement Squeakers for Dog Toys

A quick Google search will give you many options for squeakers, but let’s be honest, you want to know where to buy the best replacement squeakers for dog toys. That’s why Dog Ownership Guide decided to identify the following online stores where you can buy them.

Replacement Squeakers for Dog Toys


Downtown Pet Supply for Dog Toy Squeakers

replacement squeakers for dog toys

Downtown Pet Supply is a mega pet store online. You can find many dog products throughout their shop, but what we’re focused on here is the SQUEAKERS. They have excellent squeakers with a nice loud squeak, which we all know is what really makes our dogs happy.

The store sells small, medium, and large replacement squeakers for dog toys.

While you can buy the squeakers on the Downtown Pet Supply website, it’s just as easy to purchase them through their Amazon store 👉 Downtown Pet Supply on Amazon

The link above features a large replacement squeaker for your dog toys. It is 2″ in diameter. You can also find smaller ones available, such as:

Downtown Pet Supply Medium Replacement Squeakers, 1 3/4″ in Diameter


Buy Squeakers for Dog Toys on Amazon

Amazon – the superstore for everything – has squeaker insert replacements from other manufacturers. They come in many sizes-small, medium, and large replacement squeakers.

One consideration is that quality counts when it comes to these inserts, especially for aggressive chewers. Be sure to check on the seller for Amazon before placing an order to ensure that the brand has a good reputation for selling good quality products.

Prime members get free shipping on orders, and as Amazon always offers – free returns (if needed).

See all of the replacement squeakers for dog toys on Amazon by clicking below:


Ways to Use Replacement Squeakers for Dog Toys

You don’t only have to use these items in old dog toys. You can use them in other ways to make new squeaky toys for your dogs.

Baby Toys

Plush baby toys are perfect dog toys (as long as you remove anything that could be harmful). Simply open a small part of the plush toy and insert the dog toy squeaker into it. Sew it back up and it’s ready for your dog to have a great time.

Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are perfect toys for dogs. Find the seam on the back, remove some of the stitching and place the squeaker inside. Some dog owners will sew a zipper on the back so that they can continue to replace the squeak every time it stops working.

Stuffed Animals

Any stuffed animals that can be opened and closed with a few stitches can be turned into plush toys for dogs. Dog owners can easily find children’s toys in thrift stores, purchase them for a very low price, and then add the dog toy squeaker to make it more attractive.

[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Are Squeaky Toys Safe for Dogs?” answer-0=”My dog owners ask: “Are dog squeakers safe for dogs?” The answer is they are safe as long as they don’t chew them and swallow the plastic. Many dogs will remove the dog toy squeaker and then walk away. Others may continue to chew on the squeaker after it’s out of the toy. It’s important to watch your pup when playing with a dog toy that has a squeaker to ensure that he/she doesn’t chew pieces off of it and swallow them.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]

Now you know where to buy replacement squeakers for dog toys. Get creative with the use of these noisemakers! It will be fun for you AND your dog.

When You Should NOT Use Dog Toy Squeaker Replacements

While we know we want to make our pup’s favorite toys last the longest time possible, it’s not a good idea to let a dog continue to play with shredded dog toys. Strings from a plush dog toy or a piece of a rubber dog toy can cause serious medical problems and even surgery. You should read more about the trouble that foreign objects can cause inside a dog by reading Dog Ate String from Rope Toy.

The Good and Bad of Squeaker Dog Toys

Since we know how much dogs love dog toys, we wanted to share more information about them. You can learn why do dogs like squeaky toys and the answer to whether or not squeaky toys are bad for dogs.

Once you’ve learned as much as possible about squeaker toys, don’t forget about your dog toy replacement squeakers mentioned above. They can save you a lot of money AND keep the fun alive for much longer.



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