Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys

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Many dog owners wonder why do dogs like squeaky toys. The reasons aren’t difficult to understand when you know what they are, so if you’ve been wondering why do dogs like squeaky toys, keep reading.

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

Dogs like squeaky toys for many reasons:

  1. They satisfy their natural prey instinct.
  2. The high pitch sound excites or irritates them.
  3. The squeaker is hidden and it’s fun to try to remove it. It’s like a puzzle toy.
  4. Being able to make something change – stop the sound – is a challenge and satisfying.

Natural Prey Instinct

When a dog bites into a squeaky toy, it makes a sound, just like a wild animal would if captured. Dogs have a natural drive inside of them to want to capture and kill other animals. While wild dogs used to do it for food, domestic dogs just do it for excitement.

High Pitch Sound Excites or Irritates

Some dogs love it and some dogs hate the squeaky sound. In any case, the dog wants to either find and proclaim victory on it because they think it’s fun or they want the noise to stop.

Puzzle Toy

Squeaky toys are a lot like puzzle toys. The dog has to work to find the squeaker, which is the puzzle part. Removing it can sometimes be difficult so it does provide a lot of mental stimulation.


Dogs love to control things, which is sometimes why they bark a lot. When they can make the sound stop, they feel victorious over the control they have over something.

Squeaky toys are the most common type of dog toy around, and there’s a reason why. Dogs love them. You now know why do dogs like squeaky toys, so let’s tackle some other topics having to do with squeaker toys for dogs.

hy dogs like squeaky dog toys

Do Dogs Think Squeaky Toys Are Alive?

Yes, dogs do believe squeaky toys are alive. When their ears hear the noise the toy makes after putting it in their mouth, they immediately think that it's a small animal. Many dogs believe a new toy that makes a squeaking sound is food because of their natural instincts. The main reason dogs prefer squeaky toys over others is because of the instant gratification that comes along with removing the squeaker OR making the squeaky noise stop. It causes a pooch to think the small animal is dead.

Do Squeaky Toys Hurt Dogs Ears?

No, squeaky toys do not hurt a dog's ears. Even though the squeaking is a high-pitched noise, it's not to the level of damaging the ears. Dog owners can feel good about giving their pup this favorite toy among canines.

Which Dog Breed Loves Squeaker Toys the Most?

Almost all dog breeds love squeaker toys, but the ones that love them the most are those that have a strong hunting instinct. Dogs commonly used for hunting, such as retrievers, beagles, bloodhounds, etc. are pups that enjoy toys with a high-pitched noise the most. Another dog breed that is most likely to enjoy the squeaking sound of their toys is livestock-guarding dogs. These include Komondor Tibetan Mastiff, Anatolian Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, and the Akbash Polish Tatra. Sheepdog Livestock-guarding dogs play with squeaky dog toys differently since they instinctually want to protect them. They may push it around with their face, pick it up gently with their mouth, and guard it against other pets.

The Best Squeaking Dogs Toys for Your Pup

To help your dog exercise his/her natural instinct, it’s a good idea to give your pet a new toy weekly or every other week. It will capture your dog’s attention and entertain your pooch for hours.

Consider the following squeaky toys from Amazon that have been known to become a favorite toy by D.O.G. dogs.

squeaky plush dog toys

MJJYPET has created a pack of squeaking dog toys for pet owners that want to ensure they have them on hand whenever needed. The price is just right and many times there’s a 10% coupon to lower the cost even more. If you’re a repeat buyer of plush dog toys with a squeaker, this is the pack for you. Available in 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, and 12 packs.

rubber squeaky toys

These squeaker dog toys are made of soft rubber. They are perfect for small dogs because they will squeak for a long time. The above pack comes with 6 of them, so you won’t have to purchase more for a long time.


squeaky tennis balls
Squeaky tennis balls are a favorite toy for many dogs. Not only will they love the hunt of running to catch or find the ball, but when they do they will hear it squeak in their mouth which just sends them into a fun frenzy of tossing it up and around. Outward Hound sells packs of 4 or 6 balls for a low price. Check them out and get some for your beloved pup!


Replace the Squeaker in Dog Toys

One of the reasons pet parents don’t buy rubber or plush toys with squeakers is that they don’t last a long time. Dogs with a strong instinct to capture and kill may rip apart a toy in just minutes.

The good news is that dog owners can save money by purchasing replacement squeakers. They can be purchased in bulk and placed inside toys easily. They are especially great for dogs that will only rip a toy in the place where they can gain access to the squeaker. That way, all the pet parent needs to do is insert a new squeaker, sew the area that was ripped and give their dog their favorite toy back.

Where to Buy Replacement Squeakers

Amazon – the superstore for everything – has squeaker insert replacements. They come in many sizes-small, medium, and large replacement squeakers.

See all of the replacement squeakers for dog toys on Amazon by clicking below:


DIY Squeaky Dog Toy

Some dog owners will purchase fabric and filler to make their own plush toys. They simply take two pieces of fabric, and sew all around them, leaving a small area open. They then fill it with stuffing with the squeaker in the middle and sew it the rest of the way. This DIY squeaker dog toy satisfies dogs’ natural instincts for much less money than buying a new toy all the time.

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Dog Toys? They Make Them Happy

Dogs benefit greatly from toys that entertain them and spark their natural instincts. Dog owners who ensure their dogs have a lot of toys to play with are usually happy owners because their dogs are happy. That’s why Dog Ownership Guide believes Happy Dogs ~ Happy Owners.

Check if your dog is happy here: Is My Dog Happy?

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