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Why Do Huskies Lick So Much?


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“Why do huskies lick so much?” is a question that many husky owners may find themselves asking. The behavior of excessive licking in huskies can be perplexing and even worrying. However, understanding the reasons behind this behavior can help owners manage it better. In this article, we will delve into the various factors that contribute to huskies licking so much, including their instinctual behavior and communication methods. By understanding the science and behavior behind this trait, we aim to provide a better understanding of why huskies lick so much and how to manage it.

Answering the Question: Why Do Huskies Lick So Much?

Huskies lick excessively for many reasons. The following may be some of the reasons your Huskie licks so much.


Cats aren’t the only ones that lick themselves to clean their body. Dogs do it too, especially Huskies. Dogs know when they are dirty and most of them don’t like it. If someone else doesn’t do it, they will do it themselves.


Why do Huskies lick so much? It helps them bond. Licking is a way to feel closer to another person or animal. It’s the reason mothers often lick their puppies. Just like humans caress and hold their babies, dogs lick.

Express Love

Dogs can’t kiss with their mouth so they have to lick instead. A Huskie lick is one that should be treasured as it’s a form of affection.

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The act of licking something whether it be themselves or its owner is comforting. It calms them when they are stressed about something. Many people notice their Huskie licks more during thunderstorms, fireworks, or during car rides.


Excessive licking of the lips can be a sign of nausea and a warning sign that vomiting is about to occur. It’s a good idea if you see your Huskie licking the lips to provide comfort and a place to vomit.

Dry Skin

Huskies can suffer from dry skin if they are not groomed regularly or eat a healthy diet. Licking the skin soothes the itchiness of it being dry.

CBD oil is an excellent way to tackle dry skin and skin allergies. Learn more about that by reading: CBD Oil for Dog Allergies

Aquaphor is another great way to combat dry skin on dogs. You can read more about that here: Can You Use Aquaphor on Dogs?

Allergic Reaction

In addition to dry skin, it may be red and irritated. Licking is a way that many animals treat their wounds – it’s instinctual.

Possible health problems that could lead to allergic reactions include Cushing’s disease, hormone imbalance (thyroid hormones), or skin infections. It’s a good idea to visit your veterinarian if you believe your pet may suffer from one of the above health issues.

Food allergies can also cause trouble for your Huskies. Many Huskies need a specific dog food because their stomach is sensitive. It’s a common reason many dog owners feed their Huskie fresh raw dog food.

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Dog behavior differs among dog breeds, and Huskies are no different. Your Huskie may just be bored and needs something to do.

Compulsive Behavior

Just like humans, dogs can exhibit compulsive behavior, such as excessive licking. There may not be a health issue but simply a bad habit that your furry friend has adopted.

Dental Issue

Huskies are notorious for having dental issues. If you notice your pup’s licking behavior has increased, take a peek inside the mouth to see what may be going on.


Your dog’s paws are the hands and feet and sometimes injuries can occur, especially around the nails. Licking can soothe any pain around the nails or paws.


Fleas are painful when they bite and they usually stay around the legs. When you see your Huskie licking and biting at their legs, it’s likely fleas. Check them out and see – a flea bath may be all that your furry friend needs.

Where Huskies Lick

When Huskies lick their owners, they often aim for the mouth and tongue or nose. Instinctually they know those are the areas where affection is directed, so their attention goes there. If you don’t like dog kisses, you better shield your face because that’s where Huskies usually head to any chance they can get.

Obsessive Licking Huskies

Dog owners shouldn’t be too concerned about their Huskies’ obsessive licking unless it’s a new behavior. Most of the time, it’s because they are trying to show affection or are bored.

Personality has a lot to do with whether or not a Huskie licks a lot. If your Huskie has always licked, he/she is likely just a loving pup.

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If your pet hasn’t licked a lot and suddenly starts, it’s a good idea to reach out to the vet. The veterinarian will want to ensure there aren’t any health issues causing the licking behavior. If nothing comes up, it’s just a new habit your Huskie has adopted.

Overview of Why Huskies Lick So Much

Huskies are known for their excessive licking habits. This behavior is usually caused by boredom and stress. It’s also a way for them to show their affection. To reduce the licking, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. You can also provide them with interactive toys, such as puzzle toys, to help keep them occupied. Additionally, be sure to spend quality time with your pup and give them plenty of attention.



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