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Why Does My Dog Cry When He Sees Other Dogs


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I have noticed that my dog, Barley, cries whenever he sees other dogs. At first, I thought it was because he was scared or anxious, but after researching it, I found out that there are many reasons why dogs cry when they see other dogs.

Why Do Dogs Cry When They See Other Dogs?

As a dog owner, it can be concerning when your furry friend starts crying or whining when they see other dogs. But why do dogs cry when they see other dogs? Let’s explore the science behind it, the reasons why your dog may be crying, and how you can help them stop.

The Science Behind Dogs Crying When They See Other Dogs

Dogs are social animals and have evolved to communicate with each other through body language and vocalizations. When a dog cries when they see another dog, it may be a form of communication. Dogs use crying or whining as a way to express their emotions, such as fear, anxiety, or excitement.

Additionally, dogs are pack animals and have a natural instinct to be part of a group. When they see other dogs, they may become overwhelmed with excitement or fear, leading to crying or whining.

Reasons Why Your Dog Cries When They See Other Dogs

According to ASPCA, “Some dogs whine during greetings. This kind of vocalization is usually motivated by excitement and may be directed at dogs or people.”

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Another reason why your dog may cry when they see other dogs is due to jealousy or possessiveness. If your dog sees another dog getting attention or treats, it may cry or whine to get your attention.

How to Help Your Dog Stop Crying When They See Other Dogs

If your dog cries when they see other dogs, there are several things you can do to help them stop. First, make sure your dog is properly socialized and exposed to other dogs in a positive way. This can help reduce fear and anxiety.

You can also provide your dog with distractions, such as toys or treats, to redirect their attention away from other dogs. Additionally, you can work with a professional dog trainer to help your dog overcome their fear or anxiety.

In conclusion, dogs may cry when they see other dogs due to a variety of reasons, including fear, excitement, or jealousy. By understanding the science behind it and taking steps to help your dog overcome their emotions, you can help them stop crying and enjoy their interactions with other dogs.



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