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Why Does My Dog Pee After a Bath


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I’ve often asked the question – why does my dog pee after a bath? It’s quite annoying, actually.

Every time I give my dog a bath, she asks to go outside a few minutes later. Going outside means going into the grass and likely right through one of my other’s dog’s urine spots. Clean dog immediately becomes unclean.

Why Does My Dog Pee After a Bath

After the last time I bathed my dog, I decided to research the answer to why does my dog pee after a bath, and this is what I found out about it.

Water = Urination

Have you ever had to go to the bathroom SO bad and someone jokes with you by making the sound of water or turning water on somewhere? If you haven’t had the “luck” of that type of friend, great. As for me, I have and yes, it does make you feel like you have to go to the bathroom even more.

The same thing could be going on with your dog. After hearing the flow of water much like the flow of urination, your dog feels the need to pee after the bath.

Temperature Change in a Sensitive Area

Another answer to the question “why does my dog pee after a bath” is the temperature of the water. When cold or warm water hits your dog’s private area, it causes the body to feel the change and that can spark the sensation to pee or increase if your pup already needed to go.

Just think of when you go into a body of water and it’s cold. Some people when the cold water hits a certain body part feel like having to go to the bathroom. The same thing happens to dogs.

Drinks Water During the Bath

My dog doesn’t drink water during a bath, but she does drink it when she’s in a body of water. Some dogs do drink water from the hose or where they are standing when taking a bath. The over abundance of water has to go somewhere and well, that means having to pee after a bath.

Already Had to Pee

Unless you took your dog out to pee before the bath, it’s likely that your dog just has to go to the bathroom. The feeling to go to the bathroom may have increased because of the reasons above, though.

Runs the Pee Out

Many dogs get really energetic and active after a bath. It must be that fresh feeling that does it. After running around, it jostles the urine inside of the bladder and that can make your pup go to the bathroom.

When Having to Pee After a Bath Is a Problem

In most cases, a dog having to pee after a bath is not a problem. Something – whether it was the water running, water temperature, drinking water, or already having to pee – is usually the cause and that’s not a serious problem. Unfortunately, there are some medical conditions that can cause a dog to pee much more than usual and of course after having a bath.

If you notice that your dog is urinating more than usual when not taking a bath, contact your veterinarian immediately. Your vet can test your dog for any medical issues that could cause an increase in urination. The vet can also assess whether medications or supplements may be causing your dog to go to the bathroom more.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pup and medical issues.

Why My Dog Pees After a Bath

The answers to: Why does my dog pee after a bath? for me is that she simply runs it out of herself. After a bath, she is always rambunctious. She runs, jumps, rubs her body all over towels, and then runs and jumps some more.

After she tires herself out, she asks to go outside to go to the bathroom and then lies down for a nap.

After reading the above reasons for why a dog pees after a bath, what do you think is the reason your pup does it?



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