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Pregnant Dog Eating Grass


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Canines have natural instincts that help them throughout life. Many of those instincts lead them to do things that dog owners don’t quite understand.  One of those is eating grass. If you’re wondering about your pregnant dog eating grass, keep reading to find out why.

Why Is My Pregnant Dog Eating Grass?

Pregnant dogs, like humans, may experience cravings and aversions to certain foods during pregnancy. One common behavior that pregnant dogs may exhibit is eating grass. While the reason for this behavior is not fully understood, it is believed to be a natural way for dogs to induce vomiting and cleanse their digestive system.

The following information on the topic of pregnant dog eating grass will help you understand more of what your pup is doing.


pregnant dog eats grass

Pregnant Dogs Eat Grass

Grass-eating behavior is common among dogs but it isn’t something that should occur often. In other words, grass should not be part of your dog’s diet. Understanding the different reasons a pet may eat grass will help identify if your dog’s health is in jeopardy.

Upset Stomach

Most dog owners notice their dogs eat grass from time to time. These dog owners also know that when their dog eats grass, they should watch out because vomiting is likely to occur soon afterward.

If your pup vomits and stops eating grass, then the goal has been achieved and your pet should feel better. If you notice your dog’s grass-eating behavior continues, then you should contact the veterinarian.

Nutritional Deficiency – Pica

Pica, when people or dogs consume unusual items for food, is a common condition in dogs with a poor diet. Eating grass is a common sign of pica. When a dog’s diet doesn’t include important nutrients, vitamins, or minerals, it will seek them out with whatever is available – grass from your yard.

Commercial diets are notorious for causing pica in dogs, which is why the Dog Ownership Guide recommends fresh raw dog food for a dog’s diet.

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Lack of Fiber

Dogs that don’t receive enough fiber in their diet will seek grass to satisfy that need. It helps them not only rid the stomach of food that may be upsetting but also help the digestive tract by passing stool easier.

While the above may seem like eating grass isn’t a big deal, it still is a concern. Grass doesn’t have vitamins, nutrients, and minerals but can fill up a dog’s stomach leading to more nutritional deficiencies.

Tastes Good

Younger dogs often eat grass because it tastes good to them. In other words, they don’t know better. Pet parents should pay attention and discourage it as it can again make a pup feel full which takes away from the nutritional benefits of healthy dog food.

How Pregnant Dogs Know to Eat Grass

If you’re asking the question: why is my dog eating grass? You’re probably also wondering how dogs know to grass. Wild dogs have been eating grass since the beginning of their time.

Dogs that weren’t able to get the nutrition they needed from eating prey or if the prey made their stomach hurt, would eat grass. It was available and over time they learned it made them feel better.

You could say that a dog’s eating grass behavior has been passed on from generation to generation instinctually.


preventing dog from eating grass


How to Prevent Grass Eating Behavior

If your furry friend eats grass only once or twice a year, it’s likely not a problem. However, if you find your dog eating grass daily or a few times a week, it’s time to do something about it.

Pet parents should call the vet for advice first. The veterinarian will likely want to run some tests to determine if there are any medical concerns causing the behavior.

If your furry friend doesn’t have a medical concern and may just like the taste of grass, training may be required to save your lawn from being eaten. Follow your furry friend to the yard during potty breaks and simply say STOP whenever he/she tries to eat grass. Over time, your pup will realize that eating grass is not allowed.

What to Do About Your Pregnant Dog Eating Grass

Your dog is likely eating grass because he/she has an upset stomach. If your dog eats grass often, it may be a sign of a more serious medical condition such as pica and you should contact your veterinarian.

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