Why Is My Dog Shedding So Much After a Bath

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If you’re wondering why is my dog shedding so much after a bath, we have the answer for you. By learning the causes of excessive shedding of your dog’s coat, you will be able to solve it by attacking the root of the problem.

[Answer] Why Is My Dog Shedding So Much After a Bath?

There isn’t just one answer to the question: why is my dog shedding so much after a bath? Some of the reasons a dog sheds so much after a bath are:

  • Loose Fur
  • Brittle Hair Strands
  • Dry Skin
  • Shedding Double Coat
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Irregular Brushing
  • Using the Wrong Brush
  • Stress

Learn more about each cause of excessive shedding below.

shedding after bath

Loose Fur

A dog’s coat sheds regularly. Many times, dogs with thick coats have dog hair that gets stuck in the coat. When you wash your dog, the loose hair detaches from the restraints of the thick coat. The water and rubbing are what dislodges it which is why you see more shedding after a bath.

Brittle Hair Strands

Unhealing dog hair can become brittle. As you’re rubbing the dog shampoo on your pup, the brittle hairs break off and fall. How much shedding occurs after a bath depends on the healthiness of the dog hair.

Dry Skin

A dog’s skin is the foundation of its hair. When a dog’s skin is dry, it can make the fur dry and brittle, leading to more shedding after bath time.

Poor Nutrition

Dog food that doesn’t provide proper nutrition can contribute to the health of pet hair. It’s important that dogs eat a balanced diet to ensure that a dog’s body is able to remain healthy and strong. Dog Ownership Guide recommends fresh raw dog food, especially a dog’s shedding becomes unbearable.

Irregular Brushing

It’s important that dog owners brush their pups at least weekly if not every couple of days. This helps with a dog’s shedding because it removes excess hair that can stifle fur health and hair growth.

Long hair is especially hard to maintain, as it can get tangled and matted easily. Be sure to brush more frequently if you have a dog with long hair.

Using the Wrong Brush

Using the wrong brush is almost like not brushing at all. The right brush will remove hair on a regular basis and disperse oils that keep the hair and skin moisturized and healthy. What brush should you use? A slicker brush or bristle brush are two of the best that you can use for most dog breeds., especially double-coated dogs.


Dogs under extreme stress often shed more because the body produces more cortisol and inflammation, which can cause hair loss. If you’ve recently moved to a new house, introduced a new dog into the home, or a new family member, it may be causing stress for your pup. The reason you’re furry friend is shedding so much after a bath is that you’re noticing it as it comes off the coat with the rubbing and water pouring over it.

How to Reduce Shedding After a Bath

The following are ways you can reduce the amount of shedding that occurs after bath time.

Maintain a Healthy Coat

Maintaining a healthy coat isn’t as difficult as you may think. Your dog’s diet should be balanced with a lot of vitamins, nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, and fats. It’s just like a human needing to eat a well-balanced diet.

Learn More: Best Dog Food for Shedding

Not only does a healthy diet keep dogs from shedding as much after a bath, but it also promoted new hair growth. New healthy hair will look good and stay put for longer.

It’s also important to use a moisturizer on your dog’s hair. This will help keep your dog’s skin soft and strong.

brushing dog

Brush Regularly

Brushing your dog’s hair, especially dogs with longer coats, is essential. Your dog’s fur needs to have the natural oils dispersed and loose fur needs to be taken away. This will keep your dog’s fur off of furniture and on the floor.

Use Dog Shirts for Shedding

To prevent your dog’s shedding hair from getting all over your home and car, consider dog shirts. They cover your dog’s body, which keeps the loose hair inside of it for when you’re ready to dispose of it. Learn more about it here: Do Dog Shirts Help with Shedding

Fish Oil Supplement for Shedding

For dogs that don’t get enough essential fatty acids in their diet, fish oil supplements can help reduce shedding. You can learn more about fish oil for shedding by reading: Does Fish Oil Stop Dogs from Shedding

CBD for Dogs

More and more pet owners are giving their dogs CBD for excessive shedding. Stress causes an increase in cortisol in the body, which can lead to inflammation. The rise in cortisol and inflammation can lead to hair loss. CBD for dogs attacks shedding by reducing both inflammation and cortisol. Dog Ownership Guide recommends the following CBD manufacturers.

Canna-Pet Products

Canna-Pet products include Advanced Formula capsules that are double the concentration of their original hemp products. MaxCBD capsules and liquids provide a higher level of hemp CBD, 24 terpenes, and better absorption and bioavailability. Organic CBD dog biscuits come in three packs in delicious pup flavors such as maple bacon, peanut butter, and apple and turkey dinner. With almost 30 years of research, Canna-Pet is a good choice when seeking CBD for dogs.



HolistaPet’s CBD dog treats and oil are exactly what dog owners want in terms of high-quality cannabinoids. Their organic dog treats are delicious and healthy, made with all-natural ingredients and superfoods.


King Kanine

When searching for the best CBD oil for your dogs, be sure to choose a high-quality formula like King Kanine. Their CBD oil is made from natural ingredients sourced from the United States, and their proprietary blend of krill oil, hemp oil, and copaiba oil makes it even more effective.


Diamond CBD

The primary mission of Diamond CBD is to investigate and develop new CBD hemp extracts so that they are available to people all over the world. By providing a broad range of CBD dog products, more people and their furry companions can easily reap the benefits that CBD has to offer and live happy, healthy lives.



Lolahemp’s CBD brand was inspired by a cute pup named Lola who suffered from anxiety until her owner tried CBD instead of prescription medication. The effects were amazing, but the CBD options were frightening. Lolahemp’s mission is to provide top-quality hemp oil products containing naturally occurring CBD to as many furbabies as possible.


When to Contact the Veterinarian About Excessive Hair Loss

While shedding is a natural process, pet owners that notice a lot of hair loss all of a sudden should check with their veterinarian. A medical condition could be causing hair loss and treatment could end the problem with shedding.

Grooming Products for Heavy Shedders

Proper grooming is one of the best ways to control shedding, especially for breeds with double coats. Consider the following products to help manage loose hair and promote new healthy hair.

slicker brush



deshedding gloves



shed x shampoo



deshedding shampoo



shedding dog treats


Now you know the answer to why is my dog shedding so much after a bath. Consider the above products to help reduce shedding in your dog. Don’t forget: if this is a new problem, reach out to your vet if there haven’t been any changes in your household that could be causing your pup stress.

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