Will CBD Help My Dog Stop Barking?

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Dog owners asking the question: “Will CBD help my dog stop barking?” will be happy to know the answer. Learn if CBD helps with the excessive dog barking, how it does, and where to buy the best quality for your canine companion.

Will CBD Help My Dog Stop Barking?

Yes! CBD can help your dog stop barking. CBD is effective in reducing dog anxiety. Since a dog’s barking behavior is due to anxiety, it can help reduce excessive barking.

cbd help my dog stop bark

Common Reasons for a Dog’s Barking

Dogs bark for many reasons, but most of them are rooted in anxiety. They perceive a threat and instead of running away, they fight with their bark.

Of course, it’s just a perception of a threat and the more a dog is anxious, the more he/she perceives as a threat.

Separation anxiety (a type of anxiety) is a reason dog barks. The dog’s anxiety is that he/she perceives the owner won’t return. Excessive barking is a dog’s way to yell for its owner to come back.

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How CBD Helps Dogs Stop Barking

Dogs (and humans) have an endocannabinoid system. This system supports the most important organs and functions of the body:

  • Immune System
  • Brain
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Muscle and Joint Health
  • Nervous System
  • Heart

The endocannabinoid system has cannabinoid receptors. When CBD enters the system, the cannabinoid receptors use it to improve the functions of the endocannabinoid system.

Anxiety comes from many bodily processes. The mind identifies a threat. The brain signals the immune system, muscles, nervous system, and heart to get ready. As each area of the body becomes activated, anxious dogs start barking excessively. It’s the way they communicate and try to get the threat away as soon as possible.

CBD helps keep the body calm despite potential threats. With a regular dose of CBD, a dog’s brain will be able to better handle stressful situations. The brain may still perceive a threat, but the CBD weakens the threat alarm. Even if the brain continues to alert the body of the threat, the rest of the body is better able to handle it because they are functioning optimally.

CBD products improve the health of the body, so it’s much more able to deal with stressful situations.

About CBD for Dog Barking

CBD is derived from the hemp plant or cannabis plant. Depending on the type of CBD, all of or some of the hemp plant or cannabis plant is used. For instance, full-spectrum CBD is derived from the entire plant, which includes THC. Pet owners don’t have to worry because while THC is a psychoactive component, it’s only .3%. It’s not enough to affect dogs or humans.

Broad-spectrum CBD has 0 THC in it. Some pet owners feel more comfortable with it.

CBD isolate is another type that some people believe is much more effective, as it is just CBD without any other parts of the hemp plant. Researchers find broad-spectrum CBD offers more health benefits since it contains more than just CBD.

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CBD Products for Dogs

Pet parents have a few choices when it comes to what CBD products to purchase.


CBD oil comes in a tincture. CBD is added to the carrier oil. Pet parents can place the number of drops recommended into a dog’s mouth, on food, in water, or mixed up in a yummy treat like peanut butter.

CBD Treats

Many manufacturers of CBD for dogs sell CBD treats. Most of them have additional ingredients for additional health benefits. For example, King Kanine adds omega-3 fatty acids to their CBD dog treats for brain and heart health.

How to Buy the Best CBD Products for Dogs

It’s a good thing to choose high-quality dog CBD oil and treats to ensure it is effective for dog anxiety.

Dog Ownership Guide recommends the following brands of CBD for dog barking.

You can read about each one by clicking the links above.

Reducing Your Dog’s Excessive Barking with Pet CBD Oil

Will CBD help your dog’s excessive barking? Yes, pet CBD treats or oil can help a dog’s anxiety, which can reduce barking. Dog anxiety is effectively reduced with the best CBD products, so be sure to only buy good CBD oil or treats.

In addition to helping anxious dogs, CBD can also improve a dog’s health in general. Dogs with hip dysplasia, joint pain, or another type of chronic pain may find relief with a daily CBD supplement.

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