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Will My Foster Dog Think I Abandoned Him


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If you’re wondering, “Will my foster dog think I abandoned him?” It’s natural to be concerned about how your foster dog will react to changes in its environment, especially if they have had to be separated from its previous family. However, it’s important to remember that every dog is different and will respond differently to changes in its circumstances. Some dogs may feel anxious or upset when separated from their caregivers, while others may be more resilient and adapt more easily to new situations.

Do Foster Dogs Feel Abandoned?

While dogs cannot articulate human feelings like abandonment, research has shown that they are highly emotional creatures capable of experiencing a range of emotions. Dogs that have been through the foster system often have a history of experiencing neglect, abuse, or sudden changes in their living situation, which can lead to anxiety, stress, or fear. In this sense, we might understand their behaviors as reflective of feelings of “abandonment” or insecurity, even if dogs do not conceptualize these feelings in the same way humans do.

In a foster home, dogs may initially display behaviors indicative of stress or fear, such as excessive barking, destructive behaviors, or withdrawal. These behaviors often result from the sudden change in environment and the loss of familiar faces and routines. Over time, with stability, care, and positive reinforcement, many dogs can adapt to their new surroundings and form strong bonds with their foster caregivers. The goal of a foster home is to provide a safe, stable, and loving environment to help dogs heal and prepare for their forever homes.

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One study, published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, showed that shelter dogs exhibited less stress-related behavior after a few weeks of foster care, demonstrating the positive impact of a stable and loving environment. This suggests that while dogs may initially feel “abandoned” in a new environment, they are capable of adjusting and forming new attachments.

It is important to note that every dog is an individual, and the way they react to a change in circumstances can vary widely. Proper socialization, positive training methods, and patience are essential for helping any dog transition to a new home.

Does My Dog Think I Abandoned Him?

While it’s impossible to know exactly what a dog is thinking, if you’ve left your dog in a different environment or with a new caregiver, he might initially feel stressed or anxious due to the sudden change. This could be interpreted as feeling “abandoned”.

However, dogs adapt to new environments over time, particularly when given consistent care, attention, and positive reinforcement. This can help them form new bonds and feel secure. It’s important to ensure that your dog’s new environment provides these elements for a smooth transition.

Do Dogs Miss Their Foster Parents?

Foster parents often provide a safe, loving environment for dogs who may not have had the best start in life. If a dog has formed a strong bond with their foster parent, it’s very possible that they may miss them when they move to a new home. You may see behaviors like decreased appetite, lethargy, or changes in their typical behavior patterns, which can be signs of missing their previous caretaker.

It’s also important to remember that dogs are highly adaptable creatures. While they may initially miss their foster parents, they can also form new attachments and find happiness in their new homes, especially if they are given the same level of care, love, and attention. Their capacity to love is not limited, and they can cherish their memories of past caregivers while still growing to love their new family.

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Learn More About Why a Foster Dog Won’t Think You Abandoned Him

Dogs do not understand the details of events in their life. They take their life as it comes and what it is at the moment.

Does that mean that your foster dog will be sad when you’re not around anymore? Yes. Will your foster dog think you abandoned him? No.

Your dog will be sad that you’re not around but won’t be able to make sense of it. It’s just like when you go on vacation and leave your dog at home. Your pet only knows you’re not around anymore – that’s it.

Dogs that have been in foster care for a while and have been with many foster parents likely understand that these people in their life may not be there forever. Dogs can understand habits and if it becomes a habit that they are part of a new family every so often, they usually become accustomed to it.

foster dog think i abandoned him

Do Dogs Remember Their Previous Owners?

Dog Ownership Guide explored this in another article: Does My Dog Think I’m His Mom?

Dogs have a good memory. Researchers have found that dogs do remember previous owners, so don’t worry; they will remember you as a foster parent even after having new owners.

What Research Says About Abandoned Dogs

According to a study by the Journal of Veterinary Behavior Clinical Applications and Research, “In spite of abandonment and separation from previous attachment figures, adult dogs adopted from shelters form a strong affectional bond with their new owner that is similar to that developed by pet dogs who lived with their owners since puppy-hood.”

Dogs are resilient. You’ve done a great job fostering a dog that needed love, and now your foster dog will be able to form an affectionate bond with another owner.

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What Happens When a Foster Dog Has a Forever Home

Over time the foster dog will not be sad anymore and grow accustomed to the new family and forever home. That’s when a deep connection forms that will trump the connections developed in other foster homes.

It’s the permanent home that dogs become comfortable and happy in because they feel as though they can finally relax and know their people are in their life to stay.

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Why Fostering Is Better than an Animal Shelter

Many people don’t foster dogs because they don’t think it’s better than dogs living in a local animal shelter. The truth is that a foster home is 10 times better than a shelter, especially for younger dogs and old dogs.

Foster families can train a dog on how to live in a home so that when their new family comes along, they will easily assimilate into the new house. Having a loving home with family members who can provide comfort, love, and support sets up a dog to become a great family dog in the future.

Many potential adopters would rather have their new dog come from a loving home than from a cold, dark, and unloving shelter. They know their new dog will know how to live in a home instead of a kennel, which can make all the difference.

Be proud of being a foster pet parent. You are doing a great deed and helping shelters and rescue groups be able to take care of other animals. Asking the question: will my foster dog think I abandoned him? is enough to show how big of a heart you have, so go ahead and give dogs a fighting chance to have a bright future.

Will My Foster Dog Think I Abandoned Him?

No, your foster dog will not think you abandoned him. Dogs don’t understand what it means to be abandoned – they just know what it feels like to lose people in their lives. When your foster makes new friends in a new home, he/she will miss you greatly, but what you’re doing is setting a dog up for a successful future in a permanent home.



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