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Dog Ownership Guide – D.O.G. – launched in 2021 to meet the needs of dog owners and their dogs worldwide. Our website is a place to not only learn, shop, and entertain, but share as well. Learn all that D.O.G. has to offer below and allow us to extend a warm welcome to you.

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Meet Marcie

Head D.O.G.

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Marcie is a dog owner of four dogs:

🐶 Barley (Newfoundland/Chow)
🐶 Paris (Yorkie)
🐶 Hera (Pitbull Mix)
🐶 Snowy (Yorkie Poo)

Marcie had her first experience caring for a dog 30 years ago. Since then she has owned 6 dogs of all different breeds and sizes. Through all of the experiences she’s had with her pups, she wanted to share the knowledge she’s gained along the way. That’s why Dog Ownership Guide is here.

Dogs are just like children. They need to be nurtured, loved and cared for to be happy and healthy. The greatest joys we have in our lives are our pets. Owning and loving a dog is an experience many people understand, and that’s the start of a community that needs to come together and revel in all of the happiness.

The tagline for Dog Ownership Guide is Happy Dogs ~ Happy Owners because it’s one of the truest facts of dog ownership. When your dog is happy, you’re happy. When you’re dog isn’t happy, you’re definitely not happy.

Marcie and her family hope you will not only learn more about caring for your furbaby (or furbabies) here but also join in on the community we’re creating for dog lovers. Please read and share your experience in the comments of the blog. Together, we can make dogs happy so we can be happy humans.

Meet Our Dogs


Mickey was the first dog Marcie cared for and he was aggressive. As a mixed breed (Spaniel and Shetland Sheepdog) from the local animal shelter, Mickey was very protective of his people. It seemed like he didn’t want anyone to take his family away. Marcie and her family had to learn from experiences and experts to know what to do when boarding him or how to keep him from biting someone. Mickey loved people in his own way, and he was loved for that.


Chelsey – Chesapeake Bay Retriever – was also an aggressive dog. Marcie couldn’t take her anywhere without her wanting to attack other dogs even on a leash and people who attempted to be friendly with her. Chelsey’s family had to go to court with her when she took off one day and attacked a boy on his bike. Despite her aggressive nature, we loved her and cared for her until the very end of her life. She loved her family too much to leave but her body couldn’t go on past SEVENTEEN years.



It was love at first sight with Barley. A man from the local animal shelter was carrying him in the Christmas parade, and Marcie had to adopt him. He’s the calmest dog and everyone’s favorite. He hugs people by walking in between their legs and hardly gives kisses, despite his love for people. He is a happy dog and prefers a drama-free life. Barley enjoys hanging out under Marcie’s desk while working on Dog Ownership Guide, and whenever someone needs a hug, his fluffy Chow – Newfoundland mix of a body is ready.



Paris ~ Yorkshire Terrier ~ was a princess from the beginning. With her being my first purebred dog and a small dog, Marcie and her family had a lot to learn and Paris was the perfect one to teach them. Puppyhood was new to the D.O.G. family and she was the first one they had to potty train, and well, it’s true what they say – Yorkies are hard to potty train. They did it though and she has been an absolute joy despite her bad breath (typical of Yorkies). 😆


Hera ~ D.O.G.’s Pitbull ~ joined the family from the Hamptons, NY. Southampton Animal Shelter was hesitant to let Marcie and her family consider her because of her history of aggression. But as people say, Hera chose her family. She instantly fell in love with Michael and convinced the rest of the family that she really was a good dog (despite her tendency to threaten people who judge her based on her breed). Hera is a snorer, and has anal gland problems, but is a solid block of love.



Snowy ~ Yorkie Poo ~ started life with her mom, dad, sisters, and brothers in a home in Virginia. Her intended forever home was with two older individuals, but that didn’t go as planned, so she joined our family. Her spunky personality and intelligence make people smile and laugh, but her cuddling and constant kisses make our hearts melt. Snowy knew where she really wanted to be, and that was with us.


What We Stand For…

Dog Ownership Guide provides valuable information to dog owners about their dogs, so they can take the best care of them. We believe Happy Dogs lead to Happy Owners and that leads to a Happy Life.

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