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Food is fuel. High quality fuel strengthens the body and keeps it strong for a long, happy life. Along with strength comes energy and that’s the fun part. Where there is energy, there is fun. That’s why we focus on fresh and raw dog food here.

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Happy Dog
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The Happy Dog brand believes dogs should eat the same nutritious food their owners eat. This is why their motto is that they make food for dogs, not dog food. All of the ingredients Happy Dog uses in their pet recipe are human-grade. All dog owners have to do with the Happy Dog brand food for dogs is add meat. Learn more about the Happy Dog Food brand below:

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Only Natural Pet

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Only Natural Pet Food is a Boulder, Colorado based pet product company focused on offering all-natural, human-grade, sustainably-sourced, and certified ingredients in all of their dog food, cat food, and dog treats. Only Natural Pet food has set itself apart from the majority of pet foods in the industry by becoming a Certified B Corporation and committing to full-body wellness of dogs and cats with high quality wet and dry food.

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High Quality Fresh Dog Food

Dog owners looking for a fresh dog food made with high quality ingredients for their pups should seriously consider Ollie dog food. The company works with veterinary nutritionists to create recipes based on dogs’ nutritional needs. Each dog owner works with a member of the Ollie staff to determine which meal plan is best for a pup and then the pet food is packaged and delivered to the dog owner for feeding.

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Spot and Tango


Fresh dog food may not be for every dog and dog owner because some prefer dry dog food. Up until now, those who prefer dry dog food had to succumb to giving their pup less than healthy dry food. With Spot and Tango’s Unkibble recipe, dry dog food lovers can give their furry friend the best of both worlds – dry food AND fresh food. Learn all about Spot and Tango’s fresh dog food and Unkibble recipes to see if it’s right for you and your pup.

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Fresh Dog Food Delivery

PetPlate doesn’t makes food for dogs – NOT dog food. All their meals are:

  • High Quality
  • Human-Grade
  • Use Whole Food Ingredients

PetPlate cooks all food for dogs in USDA kitchens – JUST like human food.

Food is flash-frozen to lock in the freshness.

PetPlate customizes meals based on your dog’s unique needs. All perfectly-portioned meals are delivered on a schedule to ensure customers never run out of food.

No samples available. 100% Money Back Guarantee on first orders.

Use code RAKUTEN50 for 50% Off Your First Box!

PetPlate Full vs. Topper Plus

Topper Plus is 25% of what the Full Plan offers. It’s the perfect option for dog owners who want to give it a try.

Full Plus is for dog owners seeking to give their dog 100% fresh food.

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Fresh or raw dog food is best for your dog. Minimally processed food provides optimal nutrition. Only choose fresh or raw dog food brands that use high-quality and human-grade ingredients.

A variety of whole foods that includes fruits, vegetables, grains, and raw meat are the best raw foods to feed dogs. This includes muscle meat, bones, organ meats, raw eggs, and dairy.

Yes, dogs can eat raw meat daily but it should be combined with whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and grains for balanced meals. Raw meat for itself can lead to nutritional deficiences.