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You’re considering Only Natural Pet’s line of products, so you’re searching for Only Natural pet product reviews. Congratulations! You’re winning when it comes to taking care of your fur baby.

It’s always a good idea to read reviews before deciding to give your lovable furbaby a new natural pet dog food or treat. The following information will help you decide if Only Natural Pet products are right for you and your canine.

About Only Natural Pet

The creator of Only Natural Pet cares deeply about the overall wellness of not only his dogs but everyone’s dogs. He felt that dogs should receive the same quality dog food and treats that humans consume to live long, healthy lives. This is why Only Natural Pet products are made with all-natural, human-grade, sustainably-sourced, and certified ingredients.

The company’s commitment to pet health and nutrition has earned them the recognition of being a Certified B Corporation.

Only Natural Pet Dog Food

Pet parents shopping for natural dog food will be thrilled to know they have all-natural, human-grade dog food made with high quality ingredients. The natural pet brand is a Certified B Corporation committed to transparency in pet nutrition and health. The high quality ingredients used are meant to support the full wellness of the mind and body of your dog. The types of natural dog food available are:

  • Dry Food
  • High Protein Food
  • Wet Food
  • Raw Food
  • Grain-Free Food
  • Freeze Dried Food
  • Grain-Friendly Food
  • Pre-Mix & Homemade Food

Dog foods contain a concentrate such as a chicken meal for natural flavor vs. artificial flavoring like many other brands use. When choosing the type of natural pet dog food best for your canine, look over the ingredients on the package. Ingredients are in order of amount used in the recipe, so the first has the highest amount. For instance, raw chicken may be the first ingredient and has the highest volume in the recipe. Since raw meat has a lot of water in it that cooks down the amount available for the natural pet dog food, a chicken meal is added. Chicken meal is a meat concentrate, so it will give the dog food a much more natural flavor your furbaby will love while providing healthy protein.

Note on low ash turkey meal and low ash chicken meal: Meat concentrates contain non-toxic fillers to keep it together which end up being fillers in dog foods. Only Natural Pet uses low ash chicken meal and low ash turkey meal to reduce the amount of fillers in the dog food, which is something that many pet parents find to be an advantage.

On the subject of protein, you will notice pea protein from legumes such as garbanzo beans are also used in some of the varieties of natural pet dog food on the natural pet website. Garbanzo beans contain high quality non-meat protein, which offers benefits not achieved by meat. For instance, pound for pound plant-based proteins are healthier because they pack more nutrients into fewer calories when compared to animal protein. So, why do you need plant-based protein? It doesn’t have essential amino acids like animal protein has in it. This way, the natural pet food brand is able to increase the amount of protein with pea protein while adding more nutrition.

Many pet parents stop for a second when they see chicken fat in the ingredients in Only Natural Pet dog foods. Do not worry – it has been added for the nutritional benefits of health fats. Chicken fat aids in the absorption of some of those nutrients and can do wonders for brain health especially for puppies and senior dogs. It’s also why salmon oil and sunflower oil are used in the cooking process. Salmon oil and sunflower oil are in mixed tocopherols. Mixed tocopherols are natural preservatives (vitamin E) and mixed with salmon oil and sunflower oil it provides many essential nutrients to your puppy young or old.

Vitamins and Nutrients in Only Natural Pet Dog Food

Vitamin E supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin b12 supplement and riboflavin supplement are used in some of the varieties of the dog foods available on the natural pet website. This is another advantage of their branded products as it provides great benefits in immune support, skin health, bone health and more without having to give your dog a separate vitamin E supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin b12 supplement or riboflavin supplement.

Copper proteinate, manganese proteinate and iron proteinate are essential in helping the body produce red blood cells. You will see copper proteinate, manganese proteinate and iron proteinate in varieties of Only Natural Pet food, such as the Canine PowerFood Red Meat one.

Folic acid is also added to many of the consumable products made by Only Natural Pet. Folic acid provides many benefits to dogs, such as improved heart, skin, and digestive health.

Only Natural Powerfusion Dog Food

Only Natural Powerfusion dog food has a unique blend of superfood and raw cage-free chicken. Dog owners purchase this brand because it is grain-free and high in protein.

Only Natural Powerfusion dog food recipe has freeze-dried raw chicken, goat’s milk, and veggies for the best nutrition. Taurine is added to the recipe to support heart health due to the absence of grain.

Not Your Standard Kibble

Only Natural Pet PowerFusion dog food may look like kibble, but it’s much more than the kibble you buy from the grocery store. A holistic veterinarian formulated the recipe to support overall body health and wellness while ensuring flavor remained intact.

Only Natural Pet PowerFusion Dog Food Reviews

Customers rate this dog food 4.8 out of 5 stars.

The worst review was from a regular customer who is normally happy with the products they purchase from Only Natural Pet.

only natural pet dog food review

Only Natural Pet Maxmeat Air Dried Dog Food

Only Natural Pet Maxmeat Air Dried Dog Food is a blend of free-range beef and pumpkin sourced from New Zealand. The meat is air-dried to ensure optimal nutrition and maximum taste. Only Natural Pet Maxmeat air-dried dog food is high protein and jerky style, which many dogs think of as a treat.

Use Only Natural Pet MaxMeat Beef with Pumpkin as a topper for meals. It’s 90% meat and organs, so you know you’re giving your pup the best supplement.

Purchase Only Natural Pet Maxmeat Air Dried Dog Food on Only Natural Pet’s website.

Read more Only Natural pet dog food reviews.

Other Only Natural Pet Products

As pet parents know, puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs love their treats and Only Natural Pet makes sure they continue to benefit from good nutrition with their:

  • All Meat Treats
  • Bully Sticks
  • Freeze Dried Treats
  • Soft & Chewy Treats
  • Bones & Natural Chews
  • Mealtime Boosters & Toppers
  • Only Natural Pet Wild Caught Cod
  • Plant-Based Jerky Treats

Nutrition and health aren’t just applicable to dog food and treats. Supplements and topical branded products are also great ways to ensure your pet remains as healthy and happy as possible. Only Natural Pet offers the following Health & Wellness products:

  • Supplements & Vitamins
  • Homeopathic & Holistic Care
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Hemp Oil & Treats
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Skin & Coat Care
  • Dental & Oral Care
  • Only Natural Pet Full Spectrum Soft Chews

Taking care of your furbaby isn’t always easy, right? The good news is that Only Natural Pet has created a line of beds, toys, and other gear that can make taking care of your pup easier.

  • Stain & Odor
  • Cozy Beds & Mats
  • Exciting Dog Toys
  • Outdoor Gear & Apparel
  • Waste Management
  • Winter Essentials
  • NEW! Eco-Friendly Toys & Beds

One of the most popular Only Natural Pet product lines is the Natural Flea & Tick. Why use chemicals when you can prevent fleas and ticks with natural products? Here’s what they have available:

  • Tags & Collars
  • Powders
  • Supplements
  • Yard & Garden
  • Shampoos & Sprays
  • Squeeze-Ons & Essential Oils
  • Only Natural Pet Flea & Tick Tag
  • Only Natural Pet Non-Toxic Repellent Collar

Could you take care of all your pet needs with Only Natural Pet products? Absolutely. Do you want to though? Let’s read over Only Natural Pet product reviews to find out.

Only Natural Pet Reviews

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Only Natural Pet receives many great reviews about their products:
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Only Natural Pet products are available on the brand’s website. The site offers free shipping for order totals of more than $49, which is easy to achieve even with the auto-delivery discount options. Free shipping is also available when purchasing from Amazon with Prime membership.