Best Bedsheets for Dog Hair

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Does your dog sleep with you in bed? If so, you’re no stranger to dog hair on your bed sheets. The good news is that changing your sheets to the best bedsheets for dog hair may solve the issue of sleeping with what we like to call “fur sheets.”


bed sheets for dog hair


The Best Bedsheets for Dog Hair

When shopping for the best bedsheets for dog hair, look for the following types of fabric:

  • Chiffon
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Spandex
  • Synthetic Fabrics
  • Pure Bamboo Sheets
  • Linen Sheets
  • Microfiber Sheets

As you can see, there are many types of fabrics for bedsheets that repel dog hair. Let’s go through each one to explain why the fabric repels dog hair and what brand you should consider buying for your bedding set.

Silk Bedsheets for Pet Hair

You don’t have to worry about pet hair getting stuck to silk bed sheets. The slippery fabric keeps dog hair off. For pet owners who love silk sheets, these are the best bedsheets for dog hair.

silk bed sheet for dog hair

Learn more about the above silk bedsheets here. 

Spandex Bedsheets

Most pet owners are surprised to learn there are bed sheets made out of spandex, but yes, they are available. What’s great about spandex bed sheets is that the material stretches, so it’s great for the fitted sheet.

Fitness buffs know that their furry friend can walk by their legs without a problem when they have a good high-quality brand of spandex leggings on because the dog fur will not stick to it.

Pure Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are made from bamboo fibers. These fibers are smooth like bamboo is, which is why they are good for repelling pet hair. One swift wipe of a bamboo sheet and the pet hair is gone.

Be careful with bamboo sheets because most of them are blends. Always look for 100% bamboo for the best bedsheets for dog hair.

bamboo bedsheets for pet hair

If you’ve never had bamboo bedsheets before, these will give you the full fledge experience. Click here. 

Linen Sheets

We all know how linen is… it’s tough and rough. Not too much sticks to linen, which is why it’s one of the oldest fabrics aside from cotton. Unfortunately, linen sheets aren’t the most desirable since they aren’t all soft and comfortable.

The good news is that companies have been able to create linen bedsheets that are softer than regular linen that we all know and love AND they still repel pet hair. Check this one out:

linen sheets for pet hair

These linen sheets are comfortable, cool, and skin-friendly, in addition to resisting clingy dog fur. Click here.

Microfiber Bedsheets for Dogs

Microfiber has a smooth weave causing dog hair to slide right off it. One swift shake of your fitted sheet or flat sheet will get rid of any dropped fur on it.

Dog Ownership Guide recommends this one:

microfiber bedsheets for dog hair

Learn more about these 1800 super soft and comfortable microfiber sheet set.

Polyester for Pet Hair

Polyester bedsheets aren’t just good for preventing wrinkles, it repels dog hair as well. Be sure to get good quality polyester and not a blended material or they may end up not working as well. Look below for a polyester duvet cover that looks good, feels great, and won’t attract dog hair.

What About Cotton Percale?

Cotton Percale has a tight weave and anything over with a high thread count does well with dog hair. While it’s not the best bedsheet for dog hair, it does better than getting a 300 thread count. Stick with anything that is 400 and up for thread count.

The bed sheet set below has an 800 thread count, which is perfect for repelling dog fur.

best bedsheets for dog owenrs

Click here to learn more about Tranquil bed sheets on Amazon.

How to Wash the Best Bedsheets for Dog Hair

Always follow the instructions that came with your bedsheets when washing them. The good news is that most fitted and flat sheets can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer. Some need to be dried on a low heat setting such as the microfiber sheets.

Despite the above bed sheets repelling dog and cat hair, there may still have pet dander on them along with stray hairs. Always check your lint trap after drying your sheets. It can get full quickly.

The Best Choice for a Comforter

Bed sheets aren’t the only thing pet parents should think about when it comes to how well it repels dog hair. A comforter made out of the fabrics for the best bed sheets will also fair well when coming into contact with pets.

One of the best comforters to repel dog hair is:

silk comforter

The above silk conforter is soft, temperture-regulated, and beautiful. Click here.


If you’re more of a duvet cover type of pet parent, check these out. It’s the polyester duvet cover we mentioned above.

polyester comforter

Doesn’t the above duvet cover look comfy and inviting? Click here.

Consider Dog Beds with the Same Fabric

Most dog owners have a separate dog bed somewhere in their house. When shopping for dog beds, look at the fabric tags to see what it’s made up of. If you’re looking for something different, you may want to consider a fur bed. You don’t see fur on it because it’s made out of synthetic fur. Check it out:

fur dog bed has a wide variety of fur dog beds. Your pup will love it.


Best Bed Sheets for Dog Hair

Now you know which are the best bed sheets for dog hair. Go ahead and invest in a bed set that you don’t have to keep away from your furry friend or spend all your time with a lint roller.


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