Boarding Two Dogs Together


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As a seasoned dog owner, I've discovered that boarding two dogs together can be a brilliant solution. Not only does it alleviate the stress of leaving them behind, but it also provides them with valuable companionship.

In my experience, finding the right boarding facility is key. Preparing your furry friends beforehand and ensuring a smooth transition at the facility is crucial for their well-being.

Let me share some expert tips and insights to make this boarding experience a breeze for you and your beloved pups.

Benefits of Boarding Two Dogs Together

What are the benefits of boarding two dogs together?

Well, there are actually quite a few advantages to consider.

First and foremost, boarding two dogs together provides socialization benefits for both pets. Dogs are pack animals by nature, and being able to interact and play with another furry friend can help keep them mentally and emotionally stimulated during their stay at the boarding facility.

Additionally, boarding two dogs together can lead to cost savings. Many boarding facilities offer discounted rates for multiple pets, which can help alleviate some of the financial burden of boarding. So not only will your dogs benefit from the companionship, but your wallet will too.

Now that we've discussed the benefits, let's move on to some tips for choosing the right boarding facility.

Tips for Choosing the Right Boarding Facility

When choosing the right boarding facility for my dogs, I consider factors such as location, amenities, and staff qualifications. Selecting a suitable environment for my furry companions is of utmost importance to me.

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Firstly, I look for a facility that's conveniently located, preferably close to my home or workplace. This ensures that I can easily visit my dogs and check on their well-being.

Secondly, I consider the amenities provided by the facility. Are there spacious and comfortable kennels? Are there outdoor areas for exercise and play? These are crucial for my dogs' physical and mental stimulation.

Lastly, I pay attention to the qualifications and experience of the staff. I want to ensure that my dogs will be in capable and caring hands.

Preparing Your Dogs for Boarding

To ensure a smooth boarding experience, I always start by familiarizing my dogs with the facility. Dog socialization is important in helping them adjust to new environments and interact with unfamiliar dogs and people.

Before boarding, I take my dogs for visits to the facility, allowing them to explore the surroundings and get acquainted with the staff. This helps reduce their anxiety and makes them feel more comfortable during their stay.

Separation anxiety can be a common issue for dogs when boarding, so I make sure to leave them with familiar items, such as their favorite toys or blankets, to provide a sense of security. Additionally, I maintain a consistent routine leading up to boarding to help ease their transition.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition at the Boarding Facility

When transitioning my dogs to the boarding facility, I ensure that their familiar items, such as toys and blankets, are readily available to provide a sense of comfort. Introducing dogs to new environments can be overwhelming for them, so having these familiar items can help ease their anxiety.

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Additionally, it's important to manage potential conflicts between boarding dogs to ensure a smooth transition. Boarding facilities often have protocols in place to introduce dogs to each other gradually and assess their compatibility. Experienced staff members closely monitor their interactions and intervene if necessary.

This proactive approach helps minimize any potential conflicts and ensures a safe and harmonious environment for all the dogs. By following these guidelines, I've found that my dogs adjust well to the boarding facility and have a positive experience while I'm away.

Monitoring Your Dogs' Well-Being During Their Stay

Throughout their stay at the boarding facility, I monitor my dogs' well-being closely to ensure their safety and happiness.

One important aspect of monitoring their well-being is identifying any signs of separation anxiety. Dogs may experience anxiety when separated from their owners, which can lead to stress and discomfort. By observing their behavior, such as excessive barking, pacing, or destructive chewing, I can address their anxiety and provide necessary support.

Additionally, regular exercise is crucial for their overall well-being. Exercise helps to release excess energy, reduces stress, and promotes mental stimulation. During their stay, I make sure that my dogs receive plenty of exercise, whether it's through walks, playtime, or interactive toys.


Boarding two dogs together can provide numerous benefits, such as companionship and reduced stress. When choosing a boarding facility, ensure it has adequate space, experienced staff, and a positive reputation.

Before boarding, prepare your dogs by updating their vaccinations and providing familiar items. During their stay, keep an eye on their well-being and communicate any concerns to the facility.

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For example, my two dogs, Max and Bella, were boarded together and formed a strong bond, providing comfort and support to each other throughout their stay.



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