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Can You Board a Dog with Heartworms?


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Can you board a dog with heartworms? The answer is not straightforward. Boarding a dog with heartworms depends on factors such as the severity of the infection, the stage of treatment, and the policies of the boarding facility.

Heartworm disease is a serious condition that can cause significant harm to a dog’s health. It’s crucial to work closely with your veterinarian to develop an appropriate treatment plan for your furry friend and check with the boarding facility for permission to board your dog with heartworms.

What Are Heartworms?

Heartworms are parasitic worms that reside in a dog’s heart, lungs, and blood vessels. They are transmitted through mosquito bites and can grow up to a foot long. The larvae of heartworms travel through the bloodstream, leading to blockages in arteries and blood vessels, resulting in heart and lung damage.

What Happens When You Board a Dog with Heartworms

Boarding a dog with heartworms poses risks for both the infected dog and other dogs at the facility due to their contagious nature through mosquito bites. Boarding facilities may require proof of heartworm prevention medication or a negative test before accepting dogs for boarding.

It is generally not recommended to board dogs with heartworms. Prevention is crucial, and prompt treatment should be sought if your dog is diagnosed with this condition. Keeping your dog healthy and free from heartworms will contribute to their overall well-being and quality of life.

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How to Prevent and Treat Heartworms

Prevention is key when it comes to heartworms. Regular medication for heartworm prevention can help protect your dog from infection.

It is best to avoid boarding dogs with diagnosed heartworms until they have completed treatment and are free from the parasite. Boarding can be stressful for these dogs and may worsen their condition.

Treatment for heartworms can be expensive and challenging, so early detection is crucial. Treatment typically involves injections of medication to eliminate adult heartworms and prevent further damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dog with heartworms be boarded?

Yes, while it is risky, it is possible. Inform the boarding facility in advance about the dog’s condition.

Are heartworm-positive dogs allowed in dog boarding facilities?

This varies by facility, so check with them beforehand. Some may require housing heartworm-positive dogs separately, while others may not allow them at all.

What precautions should be taken when boarding a dog with heartworms?

Ensure the dog is on heartworm prevention medication and inform the boarding facility of their condition. Provide information on any medications they are currently taking and any special care instructions from the veterinarian.

Can heartworm-positive dogs be walked while boarding?

Yes, but follow specific care instructions from the veterinarian. Keep the dog on a leash and away from other dogs to prevent the spread of heartworms.



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