Donald Trump Dog Toy

TRUMP. Whether you love him or hate him, you’ll love this dog toy. It’s floppy, squeaky and fun to carry around, cuddle or rip apart (not too easily either). You will not regret buying this funny dog toy for your dog.


Donald Trump Dog Toy

Whether you hate him or love him, the Donald Trump Dog Toy is absolutely awesome. You can’t help but laugh when you see all of the details on the plush dog toy, and yes, it does squeak.

The Fake News newspaper in Trump’s pocket, the big gold ring, the Electoral College Graduate button, White Hunt on his phone, the hair – this Donald Trump Dog Toy is just too much.

Hate him? Well, then you’ll love to see your dog or someone’s dog rip into him.

Love him? There’s nothing more amusing than seeing your dog having fun and cuddling with Donald Trump.

See – it’s perfect for everyone – no matter what side of the fence you’re on.


Donald Trump Dog Toy Details

This funny dog toy comes in three sizes – very small, small, and large. The very small is 8 inches, the small is 12 inches and the large is 17 inches. The two sizes make it the perfect dog toy for small or large dogs.

Even tough chewers will be able to have fun with Trump for longer than other toys due to the double stitching.

The squeaker is embedded deep inside of the dog toy so it won’t lose its squeak as quickly as other squeaker dog toys.

presidential parody dog toy


When you receive your Trump dog toy, record your pup with it and share it on social media or with all your friends via text. All of your loved ones won’t be able to keep from laughing.

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