Dog Kennel End Table – Wood

Is it a dog kennel? Is an end table? Good news! It’s both.

This wood dog kennel end table is the perfect addition to a living room where you don’t want a traditional wired dog kennel.

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Dog Kennel End Table – Wood

A normal wire kennel can be an eyesore in a room, especially a room that is well decorated. What if you could have a kennel for your dog that matches your sophisticated décor? Good news! You can and it’s the next best thing since sliced bread. Introducing a dog kennel end table made out of wood.

About the Dog Kennel End Table

Throw out the wire kennel (or save it for other uses) and order a wood dog kennel end table. It comes in a beautiful dark wood color to match most modern day décor. Most visitors to your home will not know it’s your dog’s kennel because the front looks like a cabinet.

Features of the Wooden Dog Kennel End Table

  • Chew-Resistant
  • Roomy
  • Lockable
  • Wipes Clean

This Espresso end table is 44.5″ in length and 31.5 in width with a height of 30″. It’s perfect for a dog 40 to 90 lbs.

Pine wood makes this durable and long lasting, so you and your pup can enjoy it’s versatility and beauty for many years.

This dog kennel does have some weight to it – nearly 70 pounds, so have someone help you.

Espresso Wood End Table Kennel Reviews

This is what some previous customers have to say about the end table:

We are going on 4 years with 2 of these. We love them and are purchasing another for our newest addition to the family. This is not luxury furniture but our dogs like them and they look 100 times better than a wire kennel.


Assembly is quite easy. Assemble the top, sides and back together first. Then attach the base and the door attachment is the final step.


Luna my 1yr old Husky loves her new hide out! We don’t use it for containment, so I left the doors off for easy access.
The perfect place for her to be able to see what’s going on, yet have the security she used to get from hiding under the chaise lounge that she outgrew! She’s now 60lbs and has plenty of room in there to stretch out! Very sturdy and the wood stained cappuccino is beautiful!

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If you’re looking for a better looking kennel for your living room, consider this dark wood one. It’s pretty, durable, and your pup will love the natural wood enclosure.

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