High Quality Dog Runner for 1 or 2 Dogs

Give your dog(s) the luxury of spending time outside freely with this dog runnner. Don’t worry about rust, tangling or escapes. Install it in minutes, take it down in minutes, and use it wherever you go with your pup(s). You’ll love this dog run!

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Dog Runner for 1 or 2 Dogs

Whether you have one or two dogs, you’ll love this dog runner. It’s 100 feet long providing your pooch(es) plenty of space to run, jump and play. When used for two dogs, the shock-absorbing bungee ensures that both of your pups enjoy their time outside.

Features of the Single or Dual Use Dog Runner

Dog Ownership Guide recommends this dog runner because of the following features:

Trolley System

The trolley system is made especially for the use of 2 dogs but can be used for one dog.

PVC Covering

The 100 ft dog run is covered with soft rust-free PVC for durability.

Handles Up to 250 Pounds

Got big dogs? No problem! This dog runner can handle dogs up to 250 pounds in total weight.

Zipline Design

The zipline prevents your dog from being injured by strangulation or warapping around bushes, trees, etc. The 360 degree swivel at the end of the dog run ensures your dog(s) don’t become tangles and adds security to the dog runner.

Easy Installation

You have two ways to install this dog runner:

  1. Use a cable sling to install it between two trees.
  2. Use the 2 screw hooks to set up the cable.


The dog runner can be picked up and brought wherever you go, such as camping or on vacation.

Bungee Serves as Leash

No need to get your leash when you want to take your dog for a walk. De-tash the bungee and you’re ready to take your dog for a walk.

Exercise, Freedom, and Happiness

Dog Ownership Guide believes in Happy Dogs ~ Happy Owners. Spending time outdoors makes dogs happy. This dog runner makes it possible for dogs that don’t have a fenced in backyard or a fence with slats too wide leading to escapes. If you’re looking for a dog run that will provide security and durability, this is the one for you and your pup(s).

Have a fence with slats too wide? You may not need a dog runner! Check out this article: What to Do When Your Dog Squeezes Through Fences

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