White Paw Dog Toy


White Claw lovers will think these White Paw dog toys are hilarious. They are perfect for a cookout with friends over because they will surely make everyone laugh. Durable and squeaky will make these your pup’s next favorite dog toys.


White Paw Dog Toy

Are you a fan of White Claw or someone who is with a dog? This parody dog toy “White Paw” is perfect.

There’s nothing like sharing a love of a drink with your favorite pooch!

This parody dog toy – White Paw – comes in a two pack – Mutt Mango and Waggermellow. You cannot deny how cute those names are, right?

Details for White Paw – Parody Dog Toy

Each White Paw dog toy weighs 4.9 ounces and measure 9.92 x 7.4 x 2.76 inches. It’s perfect for most size dogs, although smaller dogs like a Yorkie or Shitzu may have trouble grabbing onto it.

This is a plush dog toy with a squeaker inside of it. It doesn’t have that crinkle sound, but the company is currently testing out some new versions of the toy that does include the crinkle sound. In any case, this still makes a great squeaker dog toy for most doggies.

Concerned about its safety? Don’t be. It is made of non-toxic material and it can be washed and dried without issue.

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