The Best Dog Sheep Costume for Halloween

September 12, 2022by DOGuide0

Buying Halloween costumes for children is fun, but there’s something about pet costumes that make pet owners shrill in excitement. Putting a dog in a Halloween costume is fun, cute, and absolutely hilarious in some cases. That’s why we wanted to show off one of the most popular dog costumes purchased: the dog sheep costume.

About a Dog Sheep Costume

Imagine a sheep. Actually, never mind. Look below.


Now, imagine your dog in a sheep dog costume. Cute, right?

Let’s face it everyone loves cute pets and when you’re walking around a Halloween party with your pup in a sheep dog costume, people won’t be able to look away.

Your dog could be named one of the cutest pets for Halloween.

Choosing the Perfect Dog Sheep Costume

Since there are so many dog sheep costumes available these days, we thought we would help all of the pet parents out there with THE best ones.

Let’s start with the cutest one.

Fleece Dog Sheep Costume

dog sheep costume

Yes, we know. This adorable costume isn’t just cute on this pup, but it’s warm for that chilly Halloween night. How incredibly cute are the horns on this one? It’s a ram sheep!

Sorry bigger dog owners, this one is reserved for small dogs.


Large Fleece Dog Sheep Costume

dog sheep costume 2


Bigger dogs can have the same horns pet dog costume as the one above with this one. It’s made by YOHOU, and comes in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

This costume does cover your large dog’s body, so pet owners can feel good about taking their cold-natured furry friend out on Halloween night.


Sheep Dog Costume for Bigger Dogs

dog sheep costume bigger dogs

Bigger dogs can be sheep for Halloween or another special occasion with this pet wig. This fits the size of a medium to large dog’s head. No matter what dog breed your furry friend is, he will look oh-so-cute in this costume.


Little Bo Beep Dress Costume

little bo beep costume


We couldn’t finish this rundown of the best dog sheep costumes without adding this one to the mix. Girl dog owners: instead of a princess costume, consider this Little Bo Beep one!

It fits just like a dress and the material is high quality. You will love how it has hands and a herding stick to gather all of the sheep.

Multiple pet owners may want to get this one AND the dog sheep costume so they can have an entire group of sheep and of course the ever-so-popular Little Bo Beep.


When Buying Costumes for Your Furry Friend

When buying a costume for Halloween or special occasions, always consult the size chart. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting excited about how your pup is going to be in the group of cute pets to only find out the dress or costume doesn’t fit.

Take the time to measure your dog and compare it to the chart. When you place your order, be sure to double-check the order details to ensure you have selected the right size.

While you can return a costume that doesn’t fit, the time it takes to do that isn’t worth it. Take your time with your order, and you’ll be happy you did.

Have a safe and happy Halloween with your pup in a dog sheep costume!

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