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How to Surrender an Aggressive Dog


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An aggressive dog isn’t an easy dog to care for on most days. While there are ways to help reduce dog aggression, not all pet parents have the patience, determination, and time to do what needs to be done. For that reason, many aggressive dog owners decide to rehome. If you’ve made this decision, keep reading to learn how to surrender an aggressive dog.

Ways to Surrender an Aggressive Dog

There are many options to surrender your dog. You can rehome your pup, or surrender your dog to a rescue group or no-kill shelter. Before making a decision, research all of the possibilities and choose the best option for you and your pup.

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How to Rehome an Aggressive Dog

Most dog owners prefer to rehome their dogs because it means knowing who will be taking care of their pup. The following steps can help rehome your dog with behavior problems.

Step #1: Collect Medical Records

A new owner will want to know the medical history of your pup. Having those records ready for review will make a good first impression.

Step #2: Take Updated Photos

Take photos of your dog the day you’re going to start looking for a new home. That way, prospective owners won’t be surprised by an older or bigger dog when they come to meet your pup.

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Step #3: Be Honest

When you speak to people who are interested in giving your dog a new home, be honest about your dog’s behavior. Behavioral issues aren’t always a deal breaker.

Telling people about your dog’s behavior will keep your pup from being returned to you or rehomed again.

Also, if your dog bites, it’s essential to keep everyone safe when meeting your dog. This includes after someone decides to take your dog.

Step #4: Stay in Touch

As much as you likely want to move on after surrendering your dog, stay in touch, especially if your pup has a bite history. The new owner will have questions about your dog’s aggression and what to do and what not to do.

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How to Surrender an Aggressive Dog to a Rescue Group

The hardest part of surrendering an aggressive dog to rescue is finding a rescue organization with availability to take your beloved pet. The Internet is your best chance to find one.

Start with the following resources:

When connecting with the rescue group, be sure to be as thorough as possible about your pet dog. Cover your dog’s entire life including medical conditions, your dog’s behavior, and any use of dog trainers.

Most of the time. rescue groups have foster homes ready to take new dogs – even ones with aggression problems. If a foster home has other dogs, they need to know about inter-dog aggression possibilities, so if your pup is aggressive with other dogs, communicate that.

How to Owner Surrender to a Local Shelter

The best options for surrendering an aggressive dog to a local shelter are the humane society or no-kill shelter. No dog should ever be put to sleep due to aggressive behavior. A dog’s aggressive behavior can be changed, which is what should be pursued.

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Just like with the other surrendering choices above, responsible pet owners divulge everything about their dog’s aggressive behavior. This won’t ruin the chances of your dog being accepted. The staff needs to know what they are dealing with when they take in dangerous dogs.

Be aware there may be a surrender fee or adoption fee to help with the costs of caring for dogs. For some shelters, dog trainers start working with dangerous dogs immediately. The sooner they start, the sooner they can start working on finding loving homes.

How to Surrender an Aggressive Dog

When you decide on the best option to surrender your dog, follow these steps on how to surrender an aggressive dog.

  1. Provide information on medical conditions.
  2. Communicate everything you know about your dog’s behavior. This includes bit history, destructive behavior, and other unwanted behavior.
  3. Identify your thoughts on what would make a good home for your pup. For example, if your dog needs to be the only animal or needs a lot of outdoor space.
  4. Stay in touch with the person or organization you surrender your dog to, in case there are any questions.

Now you know how to surrender an aggressive dog. If you’re having a hard time emotionally with it, consider reading these articles on rehoming your dog.

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An Aggressive Dog Isn’t a Bad Dog

If your dog is ruining your mental health, there’s nothing wrong with surrendering or rehoming your pup. It will be the best for you, your dog, and the new owners. The new owners will have a dog they can love and train, your dog will have owners who will meet his/her needs, and you’ll have peace from this stressful situation. Of course, if you’re able to work with your aggressive dog to train to change his/her behavior, you should certainly try that first. Only give up your dog when you’re 100% sure it is the right thing for everyone. That way, you won’t suffer to greatly afterward.

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