What is the “What the Dog Doin” Meme?


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If you’ve spent any time on social media in the past few years, you’ve probably come across the “What the dog doin” meme. This viral meme features a video of four men reaching into a tin of mints and a dog reaching in at the same time, asking “What the dog doin’?” The video was first uploaded by Tony Baker in 2014, but it didn’t become a meme until several years later.

A dog tilting its head with a quizzical expression, surrounded by various objects and a speech bubble saying "what the dog doin?"

Since then, the “What the dog doin” meme has become incredibly popular, spreading across various social media platforms like Vine, Instagram, TikTok, and more. The meme has evolved over time, with people using the phrase “What the dog doin” in a variety of different contexts and situations.

Despite its popularity, the origins of the “What the dog doin” meme remain somewhat of a mystery. Some people believe that the meme was inspired by a similar video featuring a group of men and a raccoon, while others think that it was simply a case of right place, right time. Regardless of its origins, the “What the dog doin” meme is here to stay, and it continues to make people laugh and smile all around the world.

Origin and Meaning

Initial Appearance

The “What the Dog Doin” meme originated from a Vine video uploaded in 2014 by Tony Baker Comedy. The video shows a group of friends reaching into a small tin of mints at the same time, followed by a dog. One of the friends reacts by asking, “What da dog doin?” The video quickly went viral on Vine and became a popular catchphrase.

Spread and Recognition

In 2021, the “What the Dog Doin” meme experienced a resurgence in popularity on TikTok. The meme involves people asking the question “What the dog doin?” in response to various situations, often involving dogs or other animals. The meme has also been used in reference to people doing strange or unexpected things.

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The meme has been shared widely on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It has also been used in various forms of media, including television shows and movies.

Overall, the “What the Dog Doin” meme has become a popular catchphrase that is used to express surprise or confusion in response to unexpected situations. Its popularity continues to grow, and it is likely to remain a popular meme for years to come.

Cultural Impact

Usage in Media

The “What the Dog Doin” meme has become a popular cultural phenomenon that has transcended the internet and found its way into various forms of media. The viral video that started it all has been shared countless times on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The meme has also been referenced in popular TV shows and movies, such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place.

Furthermore, the phrase “What the Dog Doin” has become a popular catchphrase that is used in everyday conversation. The meme has also spawned various spin-offs and remixes, which have added to its popularity. For instance, a sound effect of the phrase has been created and is often used in videos and other media.

Public Reception

The “What the Dog Doin” meme has been widely received by the public, with many finding it humorous and relatable. The video has garnered millions of views on various social media platforms, and the meme has been shared by people from all walks of life.

The meme has also been used to criticize and mock certain behaviors or situations, which has led to some controversy. However, overall, the “What the Dog Doin” meme has been a positive force in the world of internet culture.

In conclusion, the “What the Dog Doin” meme has become a popular and widely recognized cultural phenomenon that has been embraced by people all over the world. Its usage in media and its reception by the public have cemented its place in internet culture history.

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Creation and Sharing

The “What the Dog Doin” meme was created from a viral video uploaded to Vine in which four men reach into a small tin of mints at the same time, followed by a dog, resulting in one man asking, “what the dog doin’?” [1] This meme has become popular due to its humorous nature and the creative ways in which it can be used. In this section, we will explore how to create and share “What the Dog Doin” memes.

Meme Templates

To create a “What the Dog Doin” meme, you can use various meme templates available on the internet. One popular website for creating memes is Imgflip. Imgflip offers a wide range of meme templates, including the “What the Dog Doin” meme. You can customize the text on the template to create your own unique meme.

Platforms for Sharing

Once you have created your “What the Dog Doin” meme, you can share it on various social media platforms. Some popular platforms for sharing memes include Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. When sharing your meme, it is important to give credit to the original creator of the meme.

If you are looking for a platform specifically for sharing memes, you can try Tenor.com. Tenor.com is a website that allows users to search for and share GIFs and memes. They have a wide range of “What the Dog Doin” memes available to share.

If you want to create and share memes without a watermark, you can upgrade to a pro account on Imgflip. With an Imgflip Pro account, you can create and share memes without the Imgflip watermark.

In conclusion, creating and sharing “What the Dog Doin” memes is a fun and creative way to express yourself online. With various meme templates available and multiple platforms for sharing, you can easily create and share your own unique memes.

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Language and International Appeal

Translation and Localization

The “What the dog doin” meme has gained international appeal due to its humorous and relatable nature. However, language barriers can pose a challenge to the meme’s widespread understanding. Fortunately, several translations and localizations of the meme have emerged, making it accessible to a wider audience.

If you are viewing the meme from a translated website, the browser’s language setting may affect the translation. It is important to change the language to your preferred language to ensure accurate translation. Some websites may also provide a language toggle option to switch between languages.

Tenor, a popular GIF search engine, offers localized versions of the “What the dog doin” meme in different languages. This makes it easier for users to find and share the meme in their preferred language.

Search Interest and Trends

The “What the dog doin” meme has seen a significant increase in search interest and trends over the years. According to external references, the meme went viral in the years following its release, seeing a significant increase in popularity in 2021. This can be attributed to the meme’s relatable humor and the increasing use of social media platforms.

Search interest in the meme varies across different regions and languages. For instance, the meme is more popular in English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. However, the meme has also gained popularity in other regions such as Asia, Europe, and Africa.

In conclusion, the “What the dog doin” meme has gained international appeal due to its humorous and relatable nature. The availability of translations and localizations has made the meme accessible to a wider audience. The increasing search interest and trends of the meme across different regions and languages is a testament to its popularity.



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