Can You Call a Vet and Ask Questions?

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Dog owners often ask: “Can you call a vet and ask questions?” The answer isn’t clear-cut and is not the same for all veterinary clinics. However, keep reading to understand why and how you can call a vet and ask questions easily.

Can You Call a Vet and Ask Questions?

Yes, you can call a vet and ask questions about your dog, but you may not get answers. Some veterinarians will not provide advice over the phone about your pet’s health because of liability reasons.

Most veterinarians will recommend that pet owners make an appointment to bring their dog into the veterinary practice for a checkup and to ask questions at that time.

Pet parents know all too well that it costs money since dog insurance doesn’t pay for wellness or routine care and that doesn’t always make sense, especially if there isn’t a serious issue.


Call a Vet and Ask Questions


Online Vet Services

Pet parents these days have been turning to online vet services to get their questions answered by a licensed veterinarian. Online vet services are available in most states, and some will veterinary medicine.

Only veterinarians will answer simple questions and questions about a pet’s condition. Please know if the vet believes your pet needs a physical exam, he/she will recommend a visit to your regular veterinarian.

The good news is that online vet services are affordable. Ask a Vet charges $5 for the first month and just $10 per month afterward. It’s a small price to pay for advice from licensed vets.


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When to Use Online Vets or Call the Vet’s Office

Pet owners can use online vets whenever they have a question. Since they are online, they are available 24 hours.

Most dog owners will start with a call to their veterinarian’s office, especially if it’s during normal business owners. If they can’t get the information they need from their local veterinarian, they turn to online vets.

That is unless they have already tried to ask their vet questions without success. In that case, most people start with online vets.

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Virtual Vets for New Puppies

Many people with a new puppy decide to set up an online vet in addition to their local veterinarian because they have so many questions about their new puppy. Calling the vet and asking questions multiple times a day isn’t ideal. However, engaging in live chats or calling an online vet isn’t a problem. You can reach out any number of times for questions about a new puppy.

The bonus is that online vets are available 24 hours a day.

What Pet Owners Need to Know About Online Vets

Do not use online vets to replace veterinary care. There are some things that online vet services can’t do, such as physical exams, blood tests, etc. To ensure your pet remains safe, use online vet services as a supplement to what you receive from your veterinary practice.


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Can You Call a Vet to Ask Questions?

Yes, you can call a vet and ask questions. If the vet’s office isn’t able to answer your question, the next best choice is an online vet.

Online vets are available via live chats or phone calls. While you may receive a different vet each time, they are all licensed and can provide accurate information pertaining to your situation.

Online vets are best for preventative care questions. For any emergency situations or conditions requiring a blood test, it’s best to book an appointment for an in-person visit. It’s also good to book an in-person visit if it’s been a while since your dog visited the vet.

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