Does CBD Help Calm Hyper Dogs

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If you have a hyper dog, you know all too well that he/she can be difficult to handle some days. The good news is that there is a way to tame the wild in your dog. Find out below the answer to “Does CBD help calm hyper dogs?”

Does CBD Help Calm Hyper Dogs

Yes, CBD helps calm hyper dogs. CBD has a calming effect on dogs because it binds to cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system regulates major organs in a dog’s body, specifically the nervous system and brain.

How CBD Calms Hyper Dogs

In the 1980s, researchers uncovered that CBD has a profound effect on a newly discovered part of the body – the endocannabinoid system. This system regulates functions in the body, such as the immune system, mood, sleep, and more. Like many parts of the body, when certain levels are low, it cannot function optimally.

Cannabinoids are naturally produced in the body and support the functioning of the endocannabinoid system. CBD (cannabidiol) works similarly in the body of humans and canines. When taken, they attach to cannabinoid receptors, which then help the endocannabinoid system ensure other systems of the body function at maximum efficiency.

cbd calm hyper dogs

How CBD Helps Calm Hyperactivity in Dogs

Dogs because hyperactive because they suffer from anxiety (i.e. car anxiety, thunderstorm phobia, and separation anxiety). Dogs also become hyperactive when they are excited (i.e. going for a walk, greeting their own when coming home, etc.)

The reason some dogs seem more hyper than others is that the endocannabinoid system isn’t strong enough to keep anxiety at a low level. The nervous system and brain overreact to the perceived threat or situation.

CBD supports the endocannabinoid system so that it is strong enough to calm hyperactive dogs. The next time there is a perceived threat or situation, it can lower the level of the reaction quickly and effectively.

How to Choose the Best CBD Dog Products

As dog parents learn more about the benefits of CBD for dogs, manufacturers are appearing left and right. Not all CBD suppliers are created equal. It’s important to choose high-quality CBD products.

How do you know what CBD products are high-quality?

Look for the following when researching CBD products:

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Produced in a Certified Lab
  • Natural Ingredients

If you see all of these words in the CBD product description, you’re looking at a product that will likely offer the effects you’re seeking.

Best CBD Dog Products

Dog Ownership Guide believes in Happy Dogs ~ Happy Owners. What this means is that we want to help dog owners make their dogs happy, so they are also happy. With that being said, here are Dog Ownership Guide’s recommendations for the best CBD oil and CBD dog treats.

Best CBD Oil for Pets

King Kanine has the best CBD oil for pets. They only use organic hemp plants or cannabis plants and blend the oil with healthy natural ingredients, such as krill oil. Krill oil has omega-3 fatty acids that are important to your furry friend’s heart health.

You can purchase their Broad Spectrum CBD oil in a tincture to drop into your pup’s mouth, sprinkle on food, or add to peanut butter. Some dog owners make their dog treats and add oil to them.

HolistaPet has a line of CBD oil as well. Their Broad-Spectrum CBD oil has zero THC and includes hemp seed oil for added effectiveness. The CBD oil tincture comes in various dosages from 150 mg for smaller dogs to 3000 mg for extra large dogs.


What about full-spectrum CBD oil?

Full-spectrum CBD oil is made with the entire hemp plant including THC. Many pet parents are not fans of full-spectrum CBD oil and dog treats because of the THC.

CBD oil dosage depends on your furry friend’s weight. Always check with your veterinarian before giving your pup a new supplement.


Best CBD Dog Treats

For pet owners who don’t want to deal with CBD oil, there are CBD dog treats available.

Diamond CBD offers isolate CBD dog treats in many different flavors and doses. Flavors like beef and chicken are among the most popular choices among shoppers.

Each dog treat can be broken up to make a small dose. For instance, a 10 mg treat can be broken in half to make it a 5 mg dose. This allows for a more accurate dose.


HolistaPet also sells CBD treats and has special blends for different needs:

  • Mobility for joint pain or injuries such as an ACL tear.
  • Wellness for overall health.
  • Calming for hyper dogs.

The Calming blend includes chamomile and L-theanine for added relaxation to what the CBD can do for your pup. Many dog owners use it if they feel their dog is dramatic or hyper.


Hemp is another option you may want to consider. You can learn about the differences between hemp and CBD by reading: Is Hemp Oil the Same as CBD Oil for Dogs?

We have hemp-calming chews in our shop here: Dog Hemp Calming Treats

When to Give Your Pup CBD Oil and CBD Treats

When you decide to give your pup CBD oil or CBD treats depends on your goals. If your dog’s behavior is causing you stress most of the day, you may want to give a daily dose of CBD oil / CBD treats to your pup. Not only will you and your pup benefit from being calmer, but there are many other health benefits associated with CBD such as:

  • Relieving Allergies
  • Preventing and Healing Skin Irritations
  • Preventing and Treating Cancer
  • Reducing Seizure Episodes
  • Improve Sleep
  • Improve Gastrointestinal Health
  • ..and much more.

For dog parents who want calm dogs for a trip in a car or to the dog park, simply using CBD as needed will work well. About an hour before leaving, give your pooch a dose and by the time you and your pooch are ready to go, you’ll likely notice a much calmer version of him/her.

How to Administer CBD Oil to a Dog

If you want to learn how to give your dog CBD oil, read this article: How to Give a Dog CBD Oil

cbd treats calm hyper dogs

The Answer to the Question: Does CBD Help Calm Hyper Dogs

Yes, CBD can help calm hyper dogs. Be sure to only purchase the best CBD oil and/or best CBD dog treats from reputable sellers. It’s also important to check with your veterinarian to ensure it’s okay to give your pooch CBD pet products.

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