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Dog Boarding vs Daycare



If you’re looking at a dog care option, you’ve probably stumbled across two ways to go about it: dog boarding and daycare. While it may seem like they are the same, they are completely different. Learn about dog boarding vs daycare in this article.

Dog Boarding vs Daycare

Dog boarding and daycare are both services that provide care for dogs when their owners are unable to. The main difference between the two is the length of time that the dog is being cared for. Dog boarding typically refers to overnight care, where the dog stays at the boarding facility for a period of one night or more. On the other hand, daycare is typically a shorter-term option where the dog is dropped off at the facility for the day and picked up by the owner in the evening.

When to Choose Dog Boarding vs Daycare

You should choose a dog boarding facility to care for your pet when you need pet care for multiple days in a row. For example, if you’re going on a trip for a week, dog boarding services are the best option.

Another situation is when dog owners may be unable to care for their dogs for a few days, such as after having surgery. Dog boarding services will be able to provide everything a dog needs until its owner is feeling better.

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Doggy daycare is just like daycare for children. Dog owners drop their dogs off at the daycare facility and pick up their dogs after work or later in the day.

The Differences in Services for Dog Boarding vs Daycare

Dog Boarding facilities are not a place for a lot of fun and enrichment. They are safe places where dogs can stay until their owners come back from being out of town.

Dogs spend most of their time in their kennel but may have time to explore, meet new friends in play areas, and get potty breaks when needed. Aggressive dogs are usually not mixed with other dogs, especially if they have a history of being reactive.

Dog daycare facilities are different in that they are highly engaged with their canine guests. They will take dogs for walks, let them run around in play areas, and there are even daycares for reactive dogs.

Mental stimulation, physical activity, and socialization are the main benefits of a daycare environment. Since dog boarding facilities are for short-term assistance, they don’t have the same services or benefits.

Cost of Dog Boarding vs Dog Daycare

The cost of dog boarding, which many people believe is expensive, is much different from dog daycare. The primary reason is dog boarding is a one time fee while dog daycare is a recurring charge. For this reason, each instance of dog daycare may be less expensive, but over time it’s more expensive than boarding your dog when you go on vacation.

How Dog Boarding and Daycare are Similar

Even though dog boarding and daycare are different in what they offer pet parents, there are some similarities.

  • Staff members are dog lovers and truly want to provide the best care to your furry friend.
  • They both care for your pup depending on your dog’s needs.
  • Dog boarding and doggy daycare facilities have dog kennels. It’s the time that they spend in them that differs.They are both appropriate for small dogs and large dogs.
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Alternatives to Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare

If after learning about pet care at a dog boarding and dog daycare, you’re still not sure they are a good fit for your dog, you want to consider a dog walker or dog sitter.

A dog walker will come to your home to take your dog out for a walk as many times as you would like a day. The dog walker may take your dog to the dog park, feed your pup lunch and even play one-on-one with him/her.

Dog walkers won’t stay all day with your pup in your home. A pet sitter on the other hand will and can even stay overnight just like if you had your pet in a pet boarding facility.

A pet sitter can be a lot like having your dog at daycare too. The benefit of daycare is that your dog gets individualized attention. The downside is that he/she may miss out on the socialization part unless your pet sitter takes your furry friend to the dog park.

Dog boarding and dog daycare are different from dog walkers and dog sitters in that they provide services to many dogs at the same time as yours. Dog walkers may have other dogs to take care of, but when they are with your dog, that’s the only one they care for at that time.

How to Make the Best Choice

As a pet owner, you have many decisions. The best way to go about making a decision is to research all of the different options available.

Reach out to people at dog parks, or the vet’s office, and look online for the best doggy daycares, pet boarding facilities, pet sitters, and dog walkers. As you learn more about each in your area, you may start to be pulled towards one type of service over another.

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Now that you know the differences between dog boarding and daycare, you can move forward with the best options for you and your furry best friend.



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  1. I’m going on a business trip for two days, so I wanted someone to watch over my dog while I’m away and make sure he’s eating properly. I’m thankful you recommended we opt for dog boarding services since they provide safe places for dogs to stay until their owners come back from their trips. I’ll be sure to call one nearby as soon as I find an animal boarding facility to consider.

  2. Thank you for explaining that your dog will get some good mental stimulation and physical activity when at daycare. We’ve been talking about trying daycare for our dog while we’re at work. It seems like it could be a better option than just having him at home while we’re away all day.


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