Dog Leashes for Elderly Owners

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If you’re a senior or shopping for a dog leash for an elderly owner, you know how difficult it can be to find a good one for arthritic hands. Dog Ownership Guide wants to help dog owners of all ages be able to enjoy spending time with their canine companion outside, so we’ve identified the best dog leashes for older people.

Top 6 Dog Leashes for Elderly Owners

When shopping for a dog leash for elderly owners, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  • The leash should be easy to grip when a person can’t make a fist.
  • It should not be too long, which could make controlling the pup difficult.
  • Two ways to hold onto him/her may be best: the handle and then around the waist or hips.

The following are our top picks for leashes for elderly dog owners.

#1: Hands-Free with Adjustable Waist Belt for All Size Dogs

This dog leash is great for seniors because it wraps around the waist. With nothing to hold, someone with arthritis doesn’t have to worry about gripping a handle.

Want a handle too? No problem! The extra collar handle allows you to keep a firm hold on your pet when crossing the street or if there’s a surprise encounter with another animal.


dog leash for older adults


#2: Thick Padded Handles for All Size Dogs

The great thing about this leash is the foam handle design. It doesn’t wrap around the hand, which means no leash burn.

An added benefit of this lead is that it comes with a second handle closer to the collar, making it easier to control the pup walking across the street or by other animals/people.


dog leash for seniors


#3: Short 18 Inch Rope with 1/2 Nylon Handle for Big Dogs

Mycicy made a short leash for better control of large dogs. Older people who own large dogs will appreciate the short leash when walking with more control along with the comfortable wide foam handle.

Always keep in mind, that even though leashed dogs are usually trained there’s always a chance more control is needed.

Note: Dog trainers often use this style for more control during obedience training. The shorter rope makes it possible for dog trainers to teach their trainees easier by not giving them much freedom.


dog leash for elderly people


#4: Retractable Wrist Leash for Small Dogs

We’re not fans of retractable leashes for older adults because the handles are usually too thin, but there is an option other than a handle – around the wrist! It comes with an adjustable neoprene strap that secures with velcro and is comfortable on the wrist or arm.

The lead is 8.2 feet and can be shortened with the locking mechanism.

Due to the thinness of the leash, it’s only strong enough for small dogs.

dog leash for older person


#5: Glove Style Bungee Leash All Size Dogs

EzyDog’s lead comes with an adjustable Next Generation Shock Absorbing Technology hand wrap. It fits like a glove and the lead is part of it. There’s no need to grip or hold a leash and there’s no need to put anything around the hips.

The bungee dog leash is perfect for small and big dogs.

dog leash for older people

#6: Glove Style with Wrist Security – Hands-Free Dog Leash

BYXAS manufactured a leash for older adults a lot like EzyDog’s with glove style control. What makes this one unique is that it covers more of the hand and has padding in the palm. It wraps around the wrist for additional security.

The bungee absorbs the vibration of any pulling to help with any unruly behavior. This can help anyone with shoulder injuries.

Rope length is 50 inches to 71 inches.

The BYXAS dog leash for older adults is perfect for all-size dogs.

dog leash for elderly person

Choosing the Best Leashes for an Elderly Person

It may take a few different leashes until you or the elderly person you’re buying for finds the perfect one. The good news is if you purchase any of the ones Dog Ownership Guide has deemed as the best leashes for older adults, you can return them easily through Amazon. Any purchases you make after clicking one of the dog products above will support us with a small commission (at no cost to you), so we thank you in advance.

We believe Happy Dogs make for Happy Owners and when there’s happiness, quality of life is high. We understand all of the wonderful benefits of dog ownership and that’s why we do what we do online.

Spend time with your canine companion or help someone spend more quality time with their best furry friend using one of the above best leashes for elderly owners.

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