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Weighted Dog Collar Benefits


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Dog Ownership Guide recommends weighted dog collars for many reasons. These reasons have to do with their training and health benefits. Below you will learn all of the weighted dog collar benefits you need to decide if it’s the right dog collar for your pup.

#1: Builds Muscle Mass

A weighted dog collar is an effective way to help your dog build muscle mass in their neck and legs. The added weight provides resistance that encourages muscle growth and development. This is especially beneficial for dogs that are recovering from an injury or surgery, or those that are simply looking to increase their overall strength and fitness.

#2: Builds Joint Strength

In addition to building muscle mass, a weighted dog collar can also help strengthen your dog’s joints. The added weight puts more pressure on the joints, which encourages the development of supportive muscles and ligaments. This can help prevent injuries and improve your dog’s overall mobility and flexibility.

#3: Improves Mobility

As your dog builds muscle mass and joint strength, they will likely experience improved mobility. This is especially important as dogs age and may start to experience joint stiffness or arthritis. A weighted collar can help keep your dog active and mobile, which can improve their quality of life and overall health.

CBD can improve joint health and mobility as well. Learn more here: CBD Joint Supplements for Dogs

#4: Burns More Calories

Another benefit of a weighted dog collar is that it can help your dog burn more calories during exercise. The added weight requires more effort to move around, which can increase your dog’s heart rate and metabolism. This can be especially helpful for overweight dogs that need to lose weight to improve their overall health.

#5: Maximizes Exercise

Time Many dogs require a lot of exercise to burn off their energy, and a weighted collar can help them use up that energy more efficiently. The added weight can make exercise more challenging, which can help tire your dog out faster. This means you can maximize your exercise time and ensure your dog is getting the most out of their workout.

#6: Aids in Training

A weighted dog collar can also be a useful tool for dog training. Dog trainers often recommend tiring out dogs before training sessions so that they are more focused and receptive to learning. A weighted collar can help tire your dog out faster than a regular collar, which can make training sessions more effective.

#7: Trains Working Dogs

Working dogs that are trained to pull, such as sled dogs or hunting dogs, need to have strong neck and leg muscles. A weighted dog collar can be a valuable tool for building muscle and strength in these areas, which can improve a working dog’s performance and endurance.

benefits of a weight dog collar

#8: Slows a Dog Down

A weighted dog collar can also help slow your dog down while on a walk. The added weight around their neck can make it more challenging for them to pull or run ahead, which can prevent unwanted behavior such as pulling or jumping. This can make walks more enjoyable for both you and your dog, while also improving their leash manners.

#9: Flexibility in Weights

One of the benefits of a weighted dog collar is the flexibility it provides in terms of weight. Most weighted collars come with multiple one-pound weights that can be added or removed as needed. This allows you to start with a lower weight and gradually increase it as your dog becomes stronger and more accustomed to carrying the weight. This can help prevent injury and ensure that your dog is building strength safely and effectively.

#10: Everyday Use

Contrary to popular belief, a weighted dog collar can be used for everyday wear and is recommended by many veterinarians and dog trainers. The more your dog gets used to wearing the collar, the more likely they are to benefit from it. Some dogs may take a little time to adjust to the added weight, but with patience and consistency, they can become comfortable wearing the collar all day. This can provide ongoing benefits for their strength, mobility, and overall health.

Types of Weighted Collars

There are many types of weight collars available for purchase:

  • Nylon Collars: Nylon collars often have pockets around it that can fit a one-pound weight in each one. The pockets close with a snap of a button. Most nylon collars have padding on the inside of it to make it comfortable for your pup.
  • Leather Dog Collars: Leather dog collars also have pocket to place one-pound weights inside of them. Leather dog collars are tougher than nylon and can last much longer. They tend to a bit more expensive due to them being genuine leather dog collars.

weighted dog collar benefits

Weighted Dog Collars vs. Other Types of Dog Collars

When it comes to training dogs, weight collars are preferred and recommended by vets and dog trainers. Prong collars, martingale collars, and shock collars are often viewed as inhumane when compared to a standard collar. Weight collars don’t hurt a dog as a prong, strangler or shock may, so many pet owners decide that it’s a good option.

For more information on prong collars read: Use of Prong Collars for Dog Training

A dog harness is another option for training, but most pet owners say that it’s not as effective as some of the other types available. A dog harness may give the dog owner more control, especially with small dogs, but as a dog’s body gets bigger it can lose its effectiveness.

Dog Ownership Guide does not have an opinion on which type of collar is best for a pet owner and his/her pooch. We believe every situation, pup, and pet owner is different. We are PRO-CHOICE when it comes to dog collars.

How to Choose a Dog’s Collar

It’s highly important to choose the right size when purchasing either a standard collar or weighted one. Be sure to measure the dog’s head and neck. Compare the measurements with the information provided for the collar you’re interested in buying.

The collar should be loose enough for it to move back and forth with two fingers on the inside of it. It should not move past the dog’s neck and definitely not past the dog’s head.

Weight collars are different than regular collars, so do not purchase a weighted one based on the size of a standard collar. Measure your pooch and go by that for sizing.

Best Weighted Dog Collars

There aren’t many weight dog collars available to choose from, but out of the ones available, the following two are the best weight dog collars your money can buy. You will notice that they are adjustable in not only size but also weight so that it can grow with your dog’s strength.

Walktime Tactical Weighted Dog Collar

The Walktime Tactical Dog Collar is a high-quality collar designed to provide resistance training for dogs during exercise and training sessions. Made with durable materials, this collar features a D-ring for leash attachment, and is available in multiple sizes to fit small, medium, and large dogs.

The weighted dog collar comes with removable weights that can be added or removed as needed, allowing you to adjust the level of resistance to suit your dog’s fitness level. The added weight provides resistance that encourages muscle growth and development, while also improving joint strength and mobility. This collar is perfect for dog owners who want to maximize their dog’s exercise time, while also aiding in training and building overall strength and fitness.

The Walktime Tactical Dog Collar is a versatile and effective tool for helping your dog reach their full potential and achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

weighted dog collar


CANINE ATHLETES 3″ Elite-HD Weighted Dog Collar

The CANINE ATHLETES 3″ Elite-HD Weighted Working Dog Collar is a high-quality collar designed to help build muscle and strength in working dogs. Made with durable nylon webbing, this collar features a heavy-duty stainless steel D-ring, two collar keepers, and a silicone Canine Athletes patch. The collar is available in two weight options: 3lb and 5lb, with the weight evenly distributed around the collar to provide balanced resistance.

The Elite-HD Weighted Working Dog Collar is designed to improve joint strength, mobility, and overall fitness in working dogs, while also aiding in training and maximizing exercise time. This collar is perfect for working dogs that need to build strength in their neck and legs, and for dog owners looking to improve their dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

weighted working dog collar

Alternative to Weighted Dog Collars

For dog owners with aggressive dogs, you may be using the weighted dog collar to decrease problematic behaviors. Many dog owners use slip collars, choke collars, and prong collars to help with pulling on a leash. Of course, every dog is different, and that means finding what works best. For example, some dogs still pull with prong collars, but don’t with a choke collar.

Learning as much as possible about different collars for aggressive dogs is the best way to identify what will work for your pup. Read Slip Lead vs Prong Collar for more information on your options.



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