Silicone Slow Feed Dog Bowl


You will absolutely love this silicone slow feed dog bowl because not only does it slow down your pup’s eating, but it can also serve as a water bowl and an interactive toy with a treat. Learn more about all that this dog bowl can do for your pup below.


Silicone Slow Feed Dog Bowl

A silicone slow feed dog bowl is the best solution for dogs that gobble all of their food down in just a minute or two. This slow feeder dog bowl fits medium sized dog bowls and is perfect for puppies, small and medium dogs. Learn more about the features of this silicone slow feed dog bowl below.

Features of the SIlicone Slow Feed Dog Bowl

You will absolutely love this silicone slow feed dog bowl for your pup because of all of the great features it offers.

Slows Eating Significantly

Dogs eat up to 10 times slower using this slow feed dog bowl. With all of the grooves, dogs can only take a few pieces of kibble at a time. Eating less at a time reduces the risk of:

  • Chocking
  • Vomiting
  • Indigestion

It also improves your dog’s digestion and prevents obesity.

Suction Cup Botton

You won’t find this with all silicone slow feed dog bowls. This one has a large suction cup on the bottom to secure it firmly to any surface. You don’t have to worry about it moving around in the bowl or if you use it without a bowl (completely possible), it won’t move all over the floor if you have a surface that the suction cup will work on.

Drinking Bowl

Turn this silicone slow feed dog bowl upside down and you have a drinking bowl. Versatility is great when you are on the move, so take this anywhere you go and use it for food and water.


Tosiicop cares about our future! They use high quality eco-friendly silicone materal. It is recyclable, degradable for environmental protection.

Long Lasting

Don’t worry about replacing this silicone dog bowl all the time. It is made with durability in mind, so your pup can use it for years.

Microwave, Dishwasher and Fridge Safe

You can use your silicone slow feed bowl in the microwave to warm up fresh raw dog food. You can also save leftovers in the fridge right in the dog bowl. Wash it easily and quickly by putting it in the dishwasher.

Use the Silicone Slow Feed Dog Bowl for Feeding and Treats

You can use the silicone slow feed dog bowl in a number of ways. You can put in kibble like Spot and Tango Unkibble, fresh wet dog food like what you can get from Ollie, or put some Golden Paste or peanut butter in it for a special treat. You can be creative in how you use it to feed your pup or give him/her a treat. You may just want to buy two or more of them!

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