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Reintroducing Dogs After a Fight


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Reintroducing dogs after a fight must be done in a specific way so the fight doesn’t reignite. The following tips can help you reintroduce your 2 dogs, so they don’t continuously go after each other.

Reintroducing Dogs After a Fight the Right Way

When there is a dog fight, separate the dogs into two rooms. After a while, they should be reintroduced. Below are some tips on how to do this the right way.

Let One Out

Let one dog out of the room where he/she was and let the dog sniff the door to where the second dog was put. This will allow the dogs to smell each other without being face-to-face with one another.

If either dog exhibits aggressive behavior, the aggressive dog is not ready to be reintroduced and should be given more time to calm down.

introducing dogs after a fight

Leash Each Dog

If you have someone else with you, put a leash on each dog and bring them out of the rooms. Keep the dogs away from each other at first to see how they react. If there isn’t any dog aggression, bring the dogs closer and closer until they have a chance to sniff each other. Pay attention to body language, as that will clue you in on whether they may start to fight again.

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If when they are next to each other there doesn’t seem like a dog fight will break out, you can take away the leashes. Just watch them for some time to make sure there are no signs another dog fight will happen.

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Eliminate the Trigger

Resource guarding is one of the most common reasons dogs fight. When reintroducing dogs after a fight, remove the resource guarding trigger, such as the dog food bowls, treat, etc. If it remains, one of the dogs will remember the other wanted to take it and another bad fight will start.

Try a Neutral Territory

If you’ve recently added a new dog to your family, that may be the reason why there was a fight. Territorial dog aggression is a common reason dogs fight.

Dogs are social animals that see themselves in a pack. A new dog is seen as a threat until welcomed into the existing pack.

Taking your current dog with the second dog to dog parks can help them grow accustomed to one another. You can also try taking them on short walks with both of them. Your old dog won’t feel like he/she has to protect the territory, which will greatly reduce the incidence of another bad fight.

When returning home, place a leash on each dog and do short sessions of interaction. This can help both dogs learn how to be around each other and the old dog will slowly allow the new dog into the existing pack. Of course, the old dog will try to stake a claim as the alpha leader.

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How to Decrease Dog Fights

Fighting dogs can lead to very expensive vet bills. That’s why if fighting is a common situation in your home, it’s important to work on it with dog training.

Professional dog trainers recommend identifying the trigger of the fighting first. That way you know what situation you’re trying to resolve.

For instance, if the cause of a bad fight is food aggression. A dog owner should focus on solving the food aggression – not the fighting.

Dog training is effective but can be cumbersome because it takes patience and determination. The good news is that it’s extremely worth it when you don’t have to deal with fighting dogs in your house anymore.

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Do Dogs Forgive Each Other After a Fight

Yes, dogs have a really great way of forgiving one another after time. While people may hold a grudge for days, weeks, or even years, dogs forgive in minutes. That’s why when reintroducing dogs after a fight, you don’t have to wait long to do it.

Keep in mind, even though dogs forgive, not all of them end up becoming best friends. Many dogs live with one another with the acceptance they have to, instead of being all lovey-dovey.

Reintroducing Dogs After a Fight

In this article, you learned how to reintroduce dogs after a fight. Now, you know to separate the dogs and reintroduce them slowly. If possible, take your dogs to neutral territory to reintroduce them. If that’s not possible, let one out of the separate room to sniff the door of the other room. When it’s time, put both dogs on leashes and let them come together on their own terms.

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Dog training by a dog handler or dog trainer may be a good way to reduce the fighting in your home. Dog owners usually start by trying to teach their dogs to live with one another, but if the dog aggression continues, professional help may be needed.

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