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Does CBD Help Dogs Sleep at Night


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Getting a good night’s sleep is important to dogs and humans. Dog owners know that when their dog doesn’t sleep, they don’t sleep. That’s why many dog owners ask: Does CBD help dogs sleep at night?

Does CBD Help Dogs Sleep at Night?

Yes, CBD can help dogs sleep at night. CBD is a safe and effective supplement that has calming effects. A dose of CBD can relax your dog enough to induce sleep and solve sleep issues.

How CBD Helps Dogs Sleep at Night

Stress causes anxiety. Anxiety can keep dogs from a good night’s sleep.

CBD helps the body and mind relax, which in turn lowers stress and anxiety levels.

Since dogs know that nighttime is for sleeping, they will already be in the mood to sleep. With the added relaxation properties of CBD, dogs end up falling asleep faster for longer.

What CBD Does in the Body to Help a Dog Sleep

Dogs and humans have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system regulates major organs and systems of the body, including the heart, brain, nervous system, and immune system.

Cannabinoids are produced by the body to support the endocannabinoid system. When there isn’t enough produced, the endocannabinoid system can’t function optimally. This in turn means that the heart, brain, nervous system, immune system, etc. can’t function at their best. When they don’t operate as well as they could, symptoms such as anxiety, depression, illnesses, etc. occur.

CBD acts like cannabinoids in the body. The cannabinoid receptors take in the CBD and the endocannabinoid system has what it needs to function optimally. With that support, the rest of the body works better and that leads to a more balanced, calmer state of being.

When to Give CBD to a Dog for Sleep

It can take up to an hour for CBD to start working. The CBD dosage peeks about 4 hours later and starts to wane around 8 hours.

Since the effects of CBD can last as long as 8 hours, it’s perfect for dog sleep.

Does CBD Help Dogs Sleep at Night

How to Give CBD to Dogs for Sleep

It’s easy to give CBD dog products to your dog for sleep. How you give your dog CBD depends on the product.


CBD oil tincture can be dropped inside a dog’s mouth if the dog allows you to do it. If not, it can be mixed in a treat such as peanut butter or pumpkin. Some dog owners put CBD oil in water or in food. Some people put the CBD oil in sauce that pours over dog food.

You can also rub CBD oil on your dog’s skin and it will get into your dog’s system transdermally.

CBD Dog Treats

Many pet owners prefer CBD dog treats because they can be much easier to give to their dog – as long as they like the test of them. Fortunately, the CBD for dogs market has grown so large that there are many dog-friendly flavors for CBD dog treats.

CBD Chews

Similar to CBD dog treats, CBD chews are available. Many pet owners prefer chews because they have a different texture and consistency than their dogs prefer.

Types of CBD for Restful Sleep

When shopping for CBD oil tinctures, dog treats, or chews, it’s important to understand there are different types available.

  • Full-Spectrum CBD
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • Isolate CBD

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is made from the entire CBD or hemp plant. It contains flavonoids, tannins, THC, and CBD. Many people believe full-spectrum CBD has an entourage effect making it more effective.

Other pet parents decide they don’t want to give their dog full-spectrum CBD because of the THC – even though the amount is very small – 0.3%. For those pet parents, there is broad-spectrum CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD has everything that full-spectrum CBD has except for THC. Since THC doesn’t have a direct effect on a dog’s anxiety, this type can be just as effective.

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Isolate CBD

Isolate CBD contains ONLY CBD. CBD is derived from the CBD or hemp plant and put into the products.

Other Benefits of CBD for Dogs

In addition to being a sleep aid, CBD can also help with other symptoms resulting from anxiety or a medical condition.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety can feel much more at ease with CBD, especially when they are left home alone.

People with dogs that attack the door when they leave or bark a lot when they are home alone due to being anxious benefit from the supplement.

Hyper Dogs

Hyperactive dogs can benefit from CBD. Many pet owners decide to give their dog CBD to help calm them down during training sessions or when hyperactive activities cause behavioral issues.

Joint Pain

Older dogs often have joint pain, and CBD can greatly help relieve the discomfort. CBD treatment for joint pain can be orally or topically. There are many CBD products for dogs that come in a lotion that can be rubbed into the skin of dogs. For hairy dogs, it may be best to administer the CBD oil by mouth.

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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain other than in the joints can be treated with CBD. Administered orally or topically where the pain is can greatly relieve pain.

Gastrointestinal Issues

If your furry friend has gastrointestinal issues, CBD can help relieve them. CBD resolves problems in the intestines that can cause soft poop, anal gland issues, or other gastrointestinal health issues.


Dogs with allergies have seen great relief from CBD oil tinctures. Rashes and other skin irritations can be soothed with CBD oil applied topically or orally. It can also prevent allergic reactions with regular use.

There are many other health issues that CBD treatment can resolve. Always speak to your vet before starting any new supplement on your furry friend to ensure your dog’s health won’t be compromised with it.

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Additional Tips on Helping Your Dog Have a Restful Night

You can encourage a restful night for your dog by doing the following:

  • Take your dog to the dog park in the evening to get all of the extra energy out of your dog’s body.
  • Go for a walk with your dog can also work if you have a non-active dog vs. active dog.
  • For an hour before bed, remain calm and quiet.
  • Don’t feed your pup too close to bedtime.

cbd for dog sleep

The Right Dose of Dog CBD for a Sleep Aid

Start with a small dose of CBD to see how your canine companion tolerates it. If your dog’s sleep doesn’t seem to improve, increase the dose little by little. Keep in mind that CBD can last in a dog’s system for 24 hours, so wait a full day before testing a new CBD dose so you can identify the right dose for your pup.

It’s also important to know that higher doses don’t equal better effectiveness. Whatever the body doesn’t use, it will get rid of through urine and stool. Don’t waste CBD by giving your dog a higher dose than needed.

Don’t worry too much about giving your dog too much CBD. Your dog cannot overdose on CBD. Read More: Can Too Much CBD Kill a Dog?

Best CBD Products for Dogs with Sleep Issues

The following are the recommendations Dog Ownership Guide has for the best CBD products online.


HolistaPet’s CBD dog treats and oil are exactly what dog owners want in terms of high-quality cannabinoids. Their organic dog treats are delicious and healthy, made with all-natural ingredients and superfoods.

King Kanine

When searching for the best CBD oil for your dogs, be sure to choose a high-quality formula like King Kanine. Their CBD oil is made from natural ingredients sourced from the United States, and their proprietary blend of krill oil, hemp oil, and copaiba oil makes it even more effective.

Diamond CBD

The primary mission of Diamond CBD is to investigate and develop new CBD hemp extracts so that they are available to people all over the world. By providing a broad range of CBD dog products, more people and their furry companions can easily reap the benefits that CBD has to offer and live happy, healthy lives.


Lolahemp’s CBD brand was inspired by a cute pup named Lola who suffered from anxiety until her owner tried CBD instead of prescription medication. The effects were amazing, but the CBD options were frightening. Lolahemp’s mission is to provide top-quality hemp oil products containing naturally occurring CBD to as many furbabies as possible.

Does CBD Help Dogs Sleep at Night? YES!

Now you know the answer to: Does CBD help dogs sleep at night? A restless dog is a dog that doesn’t sleep well. CBD oil can help calm a restless dog for a restful sleep.

If your dog isn’t sleeping well at night, reach out to your vet first to ensure there are no health issues that could be causing it. If there aren’t any medical conditions that need to be treated, you can try CBD oil – many vets recommend it, but discuss it with yours if you have any concerns.



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  1. This is such a helpful post for dog owners. I’ve never tried CBD for my dog, but am very interested in the many attributes that are listed in the post. We lost our extremely high-strung Belgium malinois (police K9) in 2015. He was in a class all his own with separation anxiety and stress. This would have been perfect for him and any other pet owners who have anxious pets.


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