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Why Does My Dog Attack the Door When I Leave



It never fails. You get up, grab your wallet or purse, walk out the door, close it, lock it, and BAM. There’s your dog attacking the door. That’s why you’re here asking: Why does my dog attack the door when I leave?

Why Does My Dog Attack the Door When I Leave?

A dog will attack a door when an owner leaves because separation anxiety makes some dogs aggressive. That’s not the only reason a dog attacks the door when you leave, though. Let’s cover all the reasons so you can better understand the behavior.

Separation Anxiety

When your dog attacks the door when you leave, the most probable cause is separation anxiety. Your pup is sad, mad, and doesn’t know what to do. This particular aggressive behavior is similar to people lashing out when someone makes them mad.

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territorial aggression - attack door when leaving

Territorial Aggression

If you’re asking: why does my dog attack the door when I leave because he/she only attacks the door when someone comes to it while you’re away, it’s due to territorial aggression. Territorial behavior is common because dogs want to make sure that whoever is trying to enter their environment knows they are not welcome.


Dogs hate to feel lonely. When they are alone, they may attack the door because it’s what they are blaming for their loneliness. They see their owner go through the door and not come back, so they take out their aggression on the door.


Dogs who become bored also get into trouble. Aggressive behavior is also common for dogs who are bored. They simply don’t have anything to do, so they decide to have some fun with the door.

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A sign your dog is bored besides attacking the door when you leave is when a dog tears up the bed. Tearing up a bed is fun, and solves the boredom problem.

Trying to Get Out

Many dogs don’t like to be locked up even if they have free roam of their home. Barrier aggression has to do with being aggressive towards barriers, which is exactly what a door is when you’re not home.


In the wild, dogs have a pack leader and they follow the pack leader. You’re the pack leader and when you make it impossible for your pup to follow you, aggression taken out on the door happens.

How to Stop Your Dog from Attacking the Door When You Leave

It can be difficult to stop dog aggression when you’re not home. The following may help, so try the ones that seem the easiest for you first.

Training Classes

Training classes for aggressive dogs or those that suffer from separation anxiety are successful for most pups. Research trainers in your community to find someone or an organization that can help with this particular behavior.

Specific behavior pattern in dogs with separation anxiety included a peak intensity of distress immediately after the owner’s departure, and some but not all behaviors tended to decrease over time (Lund and Jørgensen, 1999, Palestrini et al., 2010).


Family Member Support

If the attacks only happen when you leave the house, a family member may be able to help calm your pup down. If it’s a small dog, your family member may be able to pick him/her up and go to another room when you leave. That can cut down on the trauma of your leaving.

Be aware that family members can also be a victim of an attack. Dog bites have happened even when the dog has known the person for a long time. Emotions run high when there’s a lot of anxiety and that can easily lead to mistakes.

training for dog aggression attacking door

Make Leaving Positive

Many dog owners say goodbye to their pups before they leave. They may give their furry friend a treat and say, “I’ll be back.” Dogs are more intelligent than many people think. They do understand what it means if they hear it often and the action of coming back follows.

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Giving your pup good things before you leave will make him/her much happier about the situation. That can greatly help reduce territorial behavior, separation anxiety, and other aggressive behaviors.

Go for a Walk or Playtime

Taking your pet for a walk or playing for a while before leaving the house can help your dog’s behavior. You can make your pup so tired, he/she will welcome the peace and quiet for a nap.

Some dogs are more active than others and require more physical activity. This can be a reason for attacking the door if your dog doesn’t get the necessary exercise. You can learn more about this in Active vs. Non Active Dog: Learn the Differences.

Consider CBD

Many dog owners give their furry friends CBD for dogs. CBD oil for dog anxiety and separation anxiety can calm your pup enough to not attack your door when you leave. CBD has many benefits and can prevent medical conditions. Learn more about CBD for dogs by reading these articles:

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Always contact your vet when starting something new. like CBD. CBD is safe and effective, but it’s still a good idea to contact your veterinarian.

Don’t Ignore Your Dog Attacking the Door When You Leave

Don’t ignore the situation. Your dog isn’t just being dramatic. Dog aggression can sometimes lead to huge problems for family members, guests, and other possessions.

In addition to the risk of hurting someone, dogs can also hurt themselves during the attack. They usually use their nose, mouth, head, and legs to hit the door. It’s not uncommon for owners to come home to find blood everywhere from the attack.

dog attacks door when i leave

Dog Gets Aggressive When You Leave

In addition to a dog attacking the door when you leave, your dog may get aggressive in other ways when you leave. You may be asking – why does my dog bite me when I leave? The following will explain it.

Why Does My Dog Bite Me When I Leave?

Dogs can exhibit various behaviors that may seem confusing or even concerning to their owners. One such behavior is when a dog bites their owner as they leave. This behavior can be caused by several reasons, including separation anxiety, frustration, and fear.

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Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety may feel anxious and stressed when their owner is leaving, causing them to act out in different ways, including biting. Similarly, dogs that are frustrated or bored may resort to biting as a way to release their pent-up energy. Fear is another common cause of biting in dogs. If a dog is afraid of being left alone or is scared of a particular situation, they may bite their owner as a way to protect themselves.

It’s important to address this behavior as soon as possible to prevent it from escalating. Owners can work with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist to help their dogs overcome their anxiety, frustration, or fear. Additionally, providing plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and positive reinforcement can help prevent biting behavior. By understanding the reasons behind this behavior and taking the necessary steps to address it, owners can help their dogs feel more comfortable and secure when they leave the house.

My dog attacks my other dog when someone comes to the door.

The reason a dog attacks another dog when someone comes to the door is simple – anxiety. When a dog becomes so anxious, the reaction can be towards the door or someone (another dog) in the area. This loss of control can be a problem if the dog doing the attack is highly aggressive and violent.

Dog training is important when this issue exists so that there isn’t an emergency situation from a dog biting another dog when someone comes to the door.

CBD can help reduce anxiety and may be enough to keep this situation from happening at all. Consider it. Learn more by reading:

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Why Does My Dog Attack the Door When I Leave?

Your dog attacks the door when you leave because of territorial aggression, separation anxiety, barrier aggression, loneliness, or boredom. Aggressive dogs aren’t the only ones that attack doors – all dogs can show this type of behavior when they feel threatened.

Not only is attacking a door dangerous for your door but for your family members and guests so work on making it stop. Training is an excellent idea to help your pup calm down territory instincts that lead to territorial behavior. It can also help with separation anxiety.

Dog Ownership Guide would love to hear about how your dog behaves when you leave. Comment below about what you’re experiencing and what you’ve tried with or without success.

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