Is Apple Juice Good for Dogs?

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When you’re feeding your pup a fresh raw dog food diet, you may ask: Is apple juice good for dogs? The answer to that question isn’t what you may expect.


Is Apple Juice Good for Dogs?

Apple juice is not good for dogs because most store-bought juices have added sugars. Too much sugar is detrimental to your dog’s health. It can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and many other medical conditions.


Benefits of Apples for Dogs

Apples are beneficial to a dog’s health. They contain:

  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps maintain a strong immune system to fend off sickness.
  • Vitamin A – Vitamin A is responsible for vision health along with development, reproduction, and immunity.
  • Potassium – Balances electrolytes in the body to ensure that bodily tissues remain strong and healthy.
  • Antioxidants – Protects cells against free radicals, which decreases the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other medical conditions.

Apples are also high in dietary fiber because of their peels, so don’t skin apples before giving them to your pooch.

Apples are a low-calorie, nutritionally dense food that is great for weight loss and maintenance. Dog owners should add it to their dog’s diet.


apple juice good for dogs


Beware of Apple Seeds

Apple seeds are harmful to your dog. The seeds contain cyanide, which is released when chewed and broken.

Always remove apple seeds from apples before giving them an apple treat.


Why Apple Juice Is Bad for Dogs

Commercial apple juice manufacturers break down the fruit removing starch and pectin from it. During the breakdown process, water and other flavors are added to the fruit juice.

Apple juice is mostly comprised of water – 80% water content. That’s not the problem. Apple juice is bad for dogs because when they are adding ingredients to the fruit juice to make it taste good, they are also adding sugar, corn syrup, artificial ingredients, and artificial preservatives.

The additional ingredients added to commercial apple juice are what makes it bad for dogs.


Dogs (and humans) consuming too much sugar may suffer from diabetes. While diabetes is treatable, it can be prevented with a healthy diet and exercise.


Fresh apples are acidic and that acidity doesn’t go away with the manufacturing process. Acid is known to cause an upset stomach and diarrhea in many dogs. While it’s not necessarily a major health concern to have an upset stomach or diarrhea (unless it causes dehydration), it won’t make your pooch happy. And when your pooch isn’t happy, you’re not happy.

Since apple juice causes diarrhea for many pups, you may be asking: Can I give my dog apple juice for constipation? Yes, you can give apple juice to your furry friend in small doses to alleviate constipation. Apple juice is not toxic for dogs. It should not be a part of your dog’s diet.


Is Organic Apple Juice Good for Dogs?

Yes, organic apple juice is good for dogs. Organic apple juice is made from fresh apples and doesn’t contain the added sugars and artificial ingredients that non-organic apple juice contains.

When shopping for organic apple juice, make sure to read the label to ensure there is nothing added that you don’t want your pooch consuming. It should be 100% apple juice.


apple juice for dogs



Diet Apple Juice for Dogs

Many dog owners wonder if they should give their pet diet apple juice since it doesn’t have high sugar content. The answer is no.

Diet apple juice has artificial sweeteners which also cause health issues.


Apple Cider for Dogs

Apple cider has a high sugar content as well, so it is not good for dogs. While a small quantity may not harm your dog – it’s not a good idea.

homemade apple juice for dogs

Homemade Apple Juice for Dogs

Fresh fruit juice is healthy. Making your own apple juice is a good idea if you want something different for your pooch than just apple slices. Believe it or not, making your own fresh fruit juice isn’t as difficult as you may imagine.

Ingredients for Apple Juice for Dogs

  • Apples
  • Water

Yes, that’s all you need to make homemade apple juice.


Core the apples to remove the seeds. Leave the peels on because again, they are high in dietary fiber.

Cut up the apples and place them into a pot and cover with water. You don’t need to use clean filtered water unless you absolutely feel the need. Whatever is in the tap water you use will be boiled away with the apples.

It should take about 20-25 minutes for the apples to soften.

Once the apples are softened, use a ladle to pour the water (apple juice) into a strainer to remove apple pieces.

What remains in the pot are the remnants of the apples. Mash them up and use the mush as a healthy topper on your dog’s food.

There you have it: 100% apple juice.


Limit Apple Juice for Dogs

As most people know, no matter how healthy something is – too much of anything is bad. The same goes for apples and dogs.

Don’t overdo it by giving your pooch apple juice. It still contains natural sugars, which in abundance can cause weight gain and the other health issues identified above.

As always, speak to your vet before giving anything new to your furry friend. Your veterinarian can provide advice on how much and how often you should give your dog apple juice.


Is Apple Juice Good for Dogs?

Yes, apple juice is good for dogs as long as it’s made from fresh fruit and water without any added sugar, artificial ingredients, and artificial preservatives. Organic apple juice may be an option, but keep an eye on the labels while shopping. Making your own apple juice for your dog (and yourself!) is the best option and it’s very easy.

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