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Is your dog suddenly sleeping on the floor instead of your bed? Understanding any change in behavior is important to know if you should be concerned about it or not. In this article, you’ll learn some of the reasons your dog’s sleeping behaviors may have changed.

Why a Dog Is Suddenly Sleeping on the Floor Instead of the Bed

Your dog has always slept in your bed. All of a sudden, your pup has decided the floor is the better option. Why? The following reasons can help explain why some dogs decide to forgo a big comfy bed.

dog sleeping on floor instead of bed

New Dog Bed

If you recently purchased a new dog bed, that’s likely the reason your dog is suddenly sleeping on the floor instead of the bed. The new bed is comfy, small, and warm. While your bed may have been pretty nice, this new bed seems like it has trumped your bed.

Cooler Surface

With high body temperatures, the bed can become very warm. While that may not be so bad during the winter, during the summer months, it can be very uncomfortable. To get away from the extra body heat, your dog may suddenly sleep on the floor instead of the bed.

Unable to Get on the Big Bed

This is a common reason for small dogs suddenly sleeping on the floor instead of the bed. If your small dog isn’t able to get on the big bed, there’s no other option than sleeping on the floor if you don’t pick him/her up from the floor.

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Another common reason for small dogs. If your pup fell out of the bed, he/she may just be scared to get back on it. You can help your pup feel much better by spending some quality time with your small dog on the bed to reintroduce its safety.

Change in Mobility

Senior dogs can start to become less mobile and that makes them unable to get on the bed. Bed ramps may be the solution for seniors dogs who have a hard time jumping up on a bed.

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A dog may not prefer a comfy bed or soft bed. The floor may be much more comfortable for your pup. This is also typical of older dogs as their joints need more support as they age. When a dog wants a good night’s sleep, a hard floor may be the best option.

Kicked in the Night

It can be hard for adults dogs to sleep in a cozy bed – even if it’s a large bed when someone has a habit of kicking in the night. Just imagine being a dog trying to sleep and all of a sudden you get kicked. It’s not the most relaxing experience. That’s why some dogs suddenly start sleeping on the floor instead of my bed.

Not Enough Room

Some dogs love to sleep in the superman position on their backs. If there’s not enough room to lay out, the floor may be a better option.

Want to Free Feed

Dogs, especially small ones, don’t want to be on a bed if they can’t have access to their food and water in the middle of the night. Your furry best friend may have decided that sleeping on the floor instead of the bed means being able to satisfy thirst or hunger any time of the night.

Health Problems

Dogs often change their behaviors when they are not feeling well. Your dog may prefer the cold floor instead of the bed when there’s a medical problem. It’s always good to speak to a veterinarian whenever you see a change in your dog’s behavior to ensure there are no health problems. You can reach out to your vet or chat with an online vet for $5.

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Sleep Disorders

Some dogs will suddenly sleep on the floor instead of your bed when they start to suffer from sleep disorders. Common sleep disorders for dogs are:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Insomnia
  • Sleep Apnea
  • REM Behavior Disorder

Better Deep Sleep

Dogs need deep sleep as much as humans do. REM sleep is very important and happens when dogs dream. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to get that in a bed sleeping with other people and dogs. A cold floor or a dog bed may just be much more private and better for a good night’s sleep.

Other Sleeping Dogs

Some dogs don’t like sleeping with other dogs for one reason or another. Maybe the other dogs are too close, make too much noise, or their body temperatures cause them to get too hot. In any case, if a dog suddenly starts sleeping on the floor instead of the bed, that could be it.

Too Tired

If you’ve started to exercise your dog with a long run before bed, your pup may just be too tired to make it into bed. Sleeping on the floor is easier and after being overheated in the long run, a cold floor can be very relaxing.

Other Family Members

If you have children and they suddenly start sleeping in the bed, your furry friend may decide the doggy bed is a good idea. For the same reasons mentioned above, your furry friend may be too hot, doesn’t have enough room for the sleeping position desired, or there are just too many wandering feet to escape from to get good dog sleep.

dog suddenly sleeping on floor

How to Know Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sleeping on the Floor Instead of Your Bed

Out of all the possible reasons your dog is suddenly sleeping on the floor instead of your bed, you may have a difficult time pinpointing the exact reason your furry best friend is doing it. The best way to come to a decision about it is to ask yourself these questions:

  • Has anything changed with your sleeping situation that would cause your dog’s behavior to change?
  • Is your older dog having issues doing other things, such as getting up stairs or onto a couch? Could it be because of joint problems?
  • Have you added a new family member to the household, such as a baby? This can affect dogs in many ways.
  • Have you called the veterinarian to ask about any health issues that could be causing a change in your dog’s sleeping behaviors?
  • Have you purchased your dog a new bed?

Dog owners often wonder what their dogs do because they become used to their dog’s behavior. Any change in behavior can signal that something is wrong, especially when a dog decides a hard floor is much better than a soft bed or cozy bed.

How to Feel Better About Your Dog Suddenly Sleeping on the Floor

Always turn to a veterinarian for advice to calm your concerns. You can call your local vet or pay just $5 to chat with an online vet. Once you have spoken to a professional about it, you will likely feel so much better. You can then just chock it up to just being something new your pup is trying and maybe someday he/she will return by your side.

[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Why do dogs sleep on the floor instead of bed?” answer-0=”One of the many reasons a dog sleeps on the floor instead of the bed is that the bed is too hot. The floor is cooler for them, which makes getting a god night’s sleep easier.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What does it mean when your dog wants to be alone?” answer-1=”Dogs are just like people. Sometimes, they want to be around other people and sometimes, they don’t want to be with them. Respect your dog’s alone time. ” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true”]

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