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How to Break Dog Food Into Smaller Pieces


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You’ve bought dry dog food, but you bought the wrong size. The pieces are too big and you can’t return them because you’ve already opened the bag. Now, you want to know how to break dog food into smaller pieces. You’re in luck! We can help you.

How to Break Dog Food Into Smaller Pieces

The obvious way to break dog food into smaller pieces is to break each morsel with your fingers. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Some kibble is much too small and hard to break into two pieces or even more pieces.

You could use a knife to cut each one, but again, some knives can’t get through the kibble or the pieces fly everywhere. That only leaves a couple of options.

wet dog food

Mix Kibble with Water

There isn’t anything wrong with putting clean water in dry dog food to moisten it. Just make sure that you don’t leave it out for a long time, so it doesn’t grow bacteria.

When the dry kibble is moist enough, you can break it apart easily with your hands or put it in a blender to break it apart. Feed your dog the wet food immediately after it’s broken up into a manageable size.

Some dogs won’t like wet food, which means you’ll have a hard time getting him/her to eat it. In that case, you’ll have to find a different way to break up your dog’s kibble.

Bag and Hammer

This isn’t the quietest way to break up dog food into smaller pieces, but it is effective. Take your dog’s dry food and place it into a cloth bag. Tie it so that the dry kibble is laying somewhat flat but can’t move much around the bag.

Put the bag on a concrete surface. Take a hammer or similar tool and start hitting the food. It’s dry food, so you may need to put some power behind it, but don’t worry; the aim is more important than the strike.

You should be able to feel the dog’s kibble through the bag to know if it’s broken up enough. Keep checking until it’s all in smaller pieces.

Food Processor

A food processor can be used to break up food. Some food processors won’t be able to get through a dog’s food easily, so be careful with the blades you choose. It might be a good idea to moisten the food in this case as well to make it easier for the machine to break it all up.

Why Break Dog Food Into Smaller Pieces

A dog’s teeth are very powerful. It can get through a lot of things, which is why they can chew on bones and other hard dog treats. The main reason some dog owners want to break dog food into smaller pieces is for older dogs.

Senior dogs often have missing teeth or periodontal disease that weakens the teeth. Breaking dog food into small pieces puts less demand on the teeth.

Senior dogs often have more digestive issues as well because their system doesn’t work as well as it did in their younger years. Smaller kibble helps the body digest the food easier, especially if the dog has a habit of swallowing the kibble whole.

Small dogs sometimes have a problem with dry hard food. Their teeth are, of course, smaller. They can’t break through hard food as well as a larger dog. That can cause cracks in the teeth or digestive issues when the dog’s food is swallowed whole.

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Consider a Change to Your Dog’s Diet

As a dog owner, you’ll do whatever it takes to have a healthy dog, including spending the time and effort breaking dog food into smaller pieces. An alternative to doing that is to feed fresh and raw dog food.

Fresh and/or raw dog food isn’t as expensive as you may believe, and picky eaters absolutely adore it. The best thing about it is that it can be really healthy, as long as it’s made with quality, fresh ingredients.

Just like with humans, health depends on the quality of food consumed. You can improve the health of your dog’s body with a fresh and/or raw diet.

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We hope you have found the solution how to break dog food into smaller pieces. If you have any questions, or concerns, or want to share something with other dog owners, feel free to leave a comment below.



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