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Why Do Dogs Bark When Humans Fight


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Dogs bark for many reasons. A dog bark is like a person speaking. Understanding why do dogs bark when humans fight can translate what the dog bark means for your pup.

Why Do Dogs Bark When Humans Fight

Dogs bark when humans fight because they are trying to communicate with humans. Dogs are pack animals and if two animals fight, the others want to be part of it.

dogs bark when humans fight

The Reasons a Dog Barks When humans Fight

If you’ve ever fought with a loved one in front of your dog, you may have noticed a change in your dog’s behavior and body language. Excessive barking during a heated argument between people is normal. The following are some of the answers to the question: Why do dogs bark when humans fight?

Joining the Argument

Dogs are pack animals who like to be in a group and interact with one another. Despite people being in this particular group, dogs tend to act similarly to the way they would in the wild. That means when a dog starts fighting with another one, the others get involved. Of course, since humans normally (in non-abusive situations) scream at each other, dogs do what they can do – excessively bark.

Responding to Emotional Turmoil

Just like how dogs can sense depression and anxiety, dogs can also sense trouble, especially when people are yelling. Dogs respond in a similar emotional way. Since they can’t yell, they bark.

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Your dog’s barking is just like you and your family member yelling at each other.

Protective Behavior

Aggressive dogs may exhibit protective behavior when humans fight. A warning sign of aggression is barking. Some dogs will stick with just barking but others will take it to the next level of aggression and try to attack, especially if a human fight turns physical.

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Territorial Aggressive Behavior

Another type of aggressive behavior in dogs is territorial. Territorial barking seeks to warn people not to come near the area because it is claimed. Territorial barking can happen when humans fight because a dog may believe there is an argument over the territory.

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Break It Up

Dogs who feel there is something wrong due to the sudden tension felt between people may start to bark to break it up. While it may be annoying when you’re trying to make a point in your argument, a dog is also trying to make a point by barking – the point is to stop arguing.

Sound Sensitivity

Some dogs have sound sensitivity, so when humans scream at one another, the sound is just too loud for them. The dog’s reaction may be to bark to drown out the sound of the yelling.

Feeling Attacked

A dog may believe the loud noises are due to something he/she did wrong. Dogs do not respond to human words, but to the tone of voice. That’s the main reason you can tell your dog that he’s the worst dog in the world, but if you say it in a nice, soft, and happy voice, he will be really excited and happy at what you’re saying. Human words mean nothing – tone of voice means everything.

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Why do dogs bark when humans fight? Many times, they are scared. Dogs don’t understand what the fight is about, but they do understand the sudden tension. This can scare them and barking is a normal reaction to feeling scared.

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Feeling Threatened

When there’s a lot of commotion going on, a dog may feel threatened. This sparks physiological reactions inside of flight or fight. The barking is a warning sign that fighting may occur.

A rescue dog that has had past experiences in abusive households may overreact to human arguments because of feeling as though he/she has to become him/herself.

Dogs Mimic Human Emotions

Dogs can also mimic human emotions. A dog owner often notices a difference in the dog’s body language when there is an argument. Many times, a dog may begin to exhibit aggressive behavior towards people, new dogs, small dogs, etc. around.

barking dog when people fight

How to Stop a Dog from Barking When Humans Fight

Unfortunately, as many people don’t want to stop a fight when their dog barks, it’s the only way to train a dog to stop barking when humans fight. The next time there is an argument, dog owners should get the dog’s attention and try to calm the dog’s body language. Treats and dog toys can help do this well.

Once you have your dog’s attention, make eye contact and speak in a soft comforting voice that everything is okay. This will help show the dog that there’s nothing to be upset over.

The next time an argument happens, try to do the same thing. You’ll likely see that after time, your furry best friend won’t come to your aide during a fight.

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If your dog doesn’t seem to understand, your dog’s instinct to protect may just be too strong. In that case, it may be a good idea to put your dog in a separate room. Just be careful putting a second dog in the same room. If your dog can hear you arguing, a physical dog fight may ensue from the tension outside the room.

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Why Do Dogs Bark When Humans Fight

Dogs bark when humans fight for many reasons. The main reason is the dog senses the tension and wants to join in the situation. A dog’s instinct is to be involved in the pack, especially if it means protecting the pack leader. Dogs also bark because they want the fighting to stop and that’s the only way they know how to communicate that they are stressed over it.

When your dog barks while you’re fighting with someone, try to calm your dog’s anxiety over it. If talking to your dog in a calm voice doesn’t help, limited exposure to heated arguments may work better.

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