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Dog Eating Curtains?


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A dog eating curtains while alone isn’t uncommon. The good news is that even though it’s not an emergency vet visit situation, you still have to keep an eye on your pup. Learn what to do after your dog eats curtains to ensure there aren’t any medical consequences.

Why Dogs Eat Curtains

Most dog owners who enter their home to see their curtains a shredded mess will ask, “Why is my dog eating curtains!?

Suffers from Pica

A dog who eats curtains may have a condition called pica. Pica causes animals to eat non-food items, such as cloth, plastic, dirt, etc. Most of the time, the condition is psychological – a compulsive behavioral issue. Other times, it’s due to medical issues or poor nutrition.


A dog can also be bored while home alone and a curtain seems fun. Watching it sway back and forth when tugged on is like a chasing game. Chewing on the fabric turns the curtains into a toy for them.


Curtains near windows may end up on the receiving end of aggression. When a dog sees someone outside (a threat), he/she may become extremely upset. The curtain is right there to take out that anger towards someone trying to “take over their territory.”

No matter the cause of a dog eating curtains, there are ways to make it stop.

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How to Help Your Dog After Eating Curtains

After a dog eats curtains, it’s important that he/she poops it out to ensure the fabric doesn’t become lodged in the gastrointestinal tract.

Once your dog poops, look at it to see if there are any strings in the feces. This is a good sign it is making its way out of the body.

Encourage your dog to defecate more by:

  • Feeding soft canned
  • Slice of bread in between meals because the fiber will help with GI mobility
  • Taking him/her for a walk

After about 4 days, the dog should have passed all of the fabric from the curtain.

For more information, read: What Soft Dog Poop Means

dog eating curtains

Should You Call the Vet After Your Dogs Eats the Curtains?

It’s always good to check in with the vet when you’re unsure of what to do about a situation with your dog. You should definitely reach out to your vet if you notice the following:

  • Appetite Loss
  • Lethargic
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation

The above can sign the fabric has become lodged and may need medical intervention. Do not ignore the above signs. Surgery may be needed to save your pet’s life.

dog ate curtains

Is There a Cure for a Dog Who Eats Curtains?

Treatment for dogs with pica depends on the cause of it. When there is a medical or nutritional cause for a dog eating curtains, visiting the veterinarian to ensure there aren’t any serious health issues and providing a well-balanced, healthy meal can prevent it from happening.

If there is a behavioral cause, the dog may need more mental stimulation when alone to prevent him/her from using the curtain as a fun activity. New dog toys can keep your dog away from the curtains. Visit Stuffed Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers for some ideas or the Dog Ownership Guide’s Shop – Dog Toys.

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Keeping curtains above the level the dog can reach may be another way to solve the problem. After a while, the dog may forget that curtain can be eaten, so when they return at reachable length they no longer will eat them.

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